A Life Upside Down

Chapter: 1693

“No! This guy is deliberately showing weakness!”
In an instant, such a voice rang in Yao Wei’s mind.
Because the eyes of the black players are too sharp, it is not a rookie’s performance at all!
In addition, he heard the black contestant, in bad Chinese, saying, “You are fooled.”
Lin Ziming, who was on the audience stage, saw this situation for the first time, his brow furrowed deeper, but he also held back, and he had no way to remind Yao Wei. After all, this was considered an illegal operation.
He hoped that Yao Wei could react and create miracles.
It was said that it was too late and that time was fast. This added up, it was only a matter of a moment. With so many people present, no one except Lin Ziming had reacted. This thin-looking black player was hiding his strength. Yao Wei is in crisis.
Yao Wei’s punch hit the face of the black player. It can be said to be very fast. Once it hits, the black player must be injured, but the problem is that it can’t be hit.
The black contestant gave a sneer, and then easily avoided the punch, and then he didn’t have the slightest pause, and immediately launched a fierce counterattack!
Yao Wei felt the tremendous pressure in such a moment, and his face changed drastically, but he did not back down, because his courage and blood are still there, and now he still has the conviction of victory in his heart. , Even if the opponent is hiding strength, what about it? He still has absolute confidence that he can win this game!
“Huh, what if you hide your strength? You are not my opponent.” Yao Wei’s fist was entangled with the black player. He completely let go of the fight and wanted to crush the black man. Contestant defeated!
However, after fighting hard, he discovered that the fists of black players were actually harder than him!
And the physical strength is more abundant.
At this time, the pressure was even greater.
In the audience, those audiences who originally had great confidence in Yao Wei were also stunned. Obviously, they didn’t expect that the black players were so powerful that they would be able to fight Yao Wei hard.
Fortunately, looking at the current situation, Yao Wei has the upper hand.
After all, Yao Wei’s figure is much taller than the opponent, and he is not of the same level at all.
As long as Yao Wei plays normally, the opponent is not an opponent.
However, as soon as they thought about it, they heard a bang, accompanied by a heavy snorting, Yao Wei was actually swept in the waist by a black player, staggered a few steps, and almost fell!
Moreover, Yao Wei also had an obvious bruise on his waist, which seemed to have suffered a serious injury!
Especially Yao Wei’s expression also showed pain and shock. He obviously hadn’t expected that his opponent would be so fast, and he was only 1.6 meters tall, that he could bring out such a huge power.
He could feel that his ribs were kicked and broken!
The bursts of heart-breaking pain caused his strength to drop a lot!
“Hi! What’s the situation, Yao Wei was actually kicked?!”
“This black player is so fast, his body is so different from Yao Wei, he can actually beat Yao Wei!”
“This is a bit tricky, Yao Wei suffered this kick and injured his waist.”
“Damn, this black player has always been hiding his strength, pretending to be a pig and eating a tiger, damn it!”
“Yao Wei must come on!”
Many people are beginning to feel their hearts.
Hastily cheered for Yao Wei.
Yao Wei heard these cheering noises. He gritted his teeth and shot again against the black players. He wouldn’t surrender! !
As a passionate young man, there is no word for surrender in his dictionary. To him, surrender means shame!

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