A Life Upside Down

Chapter: 1694

Facing his offense, the black player showed a disdainful smile, and continued to use bad Chinese, saying: “Looking for death.”
Then, he didn’t retreat this time, but instead stuck with Yao Wei in a direct head-to-head way, fighting like a raging fire, and both hit real fire.
The sound of one punch after another, one kick after another, the sound of one move after another, spread all over the audience, and it was full of enthusiasm!
But Yao Wei was obviously not the opponent of the black players, and he was beaten back step by step!
At this moment, he has suffered a lot of injuries, but the black players’ faces are still very clean. Yao Wei’s fists and punches didn’t even hit the black players’ faces.
The person who originally cheered for Yao Wei now has a fault. Everyone clenched their fists, feeling worried and nervous for Yao Wei.
Yao Wei is panting, his combat effectiveness has dropped by more than half now, especially his physical strength, which has already consumed a lot.
Originally he had the belief that he would win, but now he is beginning to waver. He underestimates the enemy. The black player in front of him is far above his imagination!
He is not an opponent at all!
And most importantly, the black player is obviously still not doing his best, and is now looking at him with disdain.
This made his self-esteem a big blow.
He gasped and said unwillingly, “How can this be, damn, how can this be!”
At that moment, he even had a mentality of surrender.
But at this moment, he heard a voice: “Yao Wei, come on! Defeat him! We must defeat him! Let them see, the strength of our Chinese warriors!”
Hearing this, Yao Wei’s body shook slightly. He quickly looked towards the audience and immediately saw a lot of compatriots who were cheering for him. Looking at the hope and hope in the eyes of so many compatriots, Yao Wei really said It’s too shameful and shameful not to surrender!
He clenched his fists again, stood up straight again, and shouted, “Come on! I can’t be defeated!”
At this moment, he felt that he was the protagonist in the blood-blooded animation. No matter how difficult or setback he faced, he couldn’t admit defeat no matter how powerful the villain was! Today, he is going to show his own style and show the dignity of China!
He felt that his cells were burning, which was a feeling he had never had before. Under the extreme passion, he had forgotten the pain in his body and struck the black players again.
However, his bravery, in the eyes of black players, turned into a stupid performance.
“Stupid Chinese.”
The black player disdainfully said this. Then he faced Yao Wei’s offense and easily dodged a punch. Then he kicked Yao Wei’s knee directly with a whip, and he suddenly screamed. Yao Wei’s knee broke directly, and Yao Wei let out a scream.
In an instant, so many Chinese compatriots in the audience yelled out, tightening their hearts.
The black contestant did not let Yao Wei off because he lost his combat effectiveness. Instead, he smiled and dealt a cruel blow to Yao Wei.
Yao Wei can only hold his head and get beaten.
“Surrender, surrender!”
Finally someone called out to make Yao Wei surrender.
More and more voices sounded, making Yao Wei surrender, but Yao Wei always had no choice to surrender. He even stared at the blow of the storm and stood up.
The black contestant looked at him with contempt and said in crappy Chinese: “Chinese, as long as you surrender and admit that your Chinese is rubbish, I can let you go.”
Yao Wei’s body was bruised and bruised, and his whole body was bloody, but he did not surrender. Instead, he raised his middle finger to the black players and said, “Want me to surrender? Dreaming, we Chinese will never surrender. I would rather die than surrender! Hahaha…”
The black player was furious, and then directly punched Yao Wei’s temple, “Then you go to die!”
With a loud bang, Yao Wei fell down…

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