A Life Upside Down

Chapter: 1698

Zhao Xia also said in horror: “Instructor Lin, this is about to become a god, the realm of the spirit of less than 30 years old, this is really…it can’t be described in words… ..”
Break through the God Realm, in the martial arts world, even if you become a god, become a land god.
The Bodhidharma at the time was a strong man in the realm of God.
And Lin Ziming now wants to become this kind of’god’ standing proudly in the world!
Everyone on the stage of the other audiences was still amazed. Yang Guiying looked at the gold star in his eyes, admired like never before, and said excitedly, “The master is too powerful, really amazing! I, Yang Guiying, can actually come under the master of Weiwei, yes The blessing of my life!”
She was incoherent with excitement, but no one laughed at her, and even the people around her were extremely envious of her.
For Ouyang Yanran, her mood was extremely complicated. She remembered the scene when she met Lin Ziming at the beginning. At that time, she still looked down on Lin Ziming and dismissed Lin Ziming. Now she knows that she How naive it was at the beginning, how wrong it was!
If God could give her a chance to come again, then when she met Lin Ziming for the first time, she would desperately pursue Lin Ziming by any means!
However, there is no regret taking medicine in the world. She knows that she and Lin Ziming will not be possible in this life, because the gap between herself and Lin Ziming is getting bigger and bigger, it is impossible for Lin Ziming to look at her again. So seeing that the greater Lin Ziming’s achievements, the more lost she will be…
This is about to become a part of her heart disease.
As for the foreign warriors who were still gloating and mocking China, they are now heavy, with extremely solemn and even fearful expressions on their faces.
Lin Ziming looks too terrifying. He has crushed so many strong people on the scene with his own power, and he is one of the best!
Even those dozens of Innate Realm Dzogchen masters are well-known in the world, and each of them is a well-known big man, but now, under Lin Ziming’s immense light, they seem to be eclipsed.
Solomon clenched his fists, and he felt Lin Ziming’s strength. This was the first time he had a fearful thought.
Lin Ziming is going to be out of control!
He can no longer let Lin Ziming develop like this.
He watched Lin Ziming condense the momentum unscrupulously now, and did not put Solomon in his eyes at all, which made him feel annoyed. He began to be evil toward the courage, snorted coldly, and then shot Lin Ziming directly.
He shot very suddenly, without the slightest warning, and the speed was extremely fast. It was just a blink of an eye before he had reached Lin Ziming. However, he kicked it out silently, but the speed was extremely fast. After the kick, Lin Ziming must be injured! !
You know, Solomon’s kick, with all his strength, will be kicked alive even if it is an iron pillar!
“Not good! This Solomon sneaked on Instructor Lin!”
“Solomon is too despicable, now instructor Lin is in danger!”
Everyone became nervous.

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