A Life Upside Down

Chapter: 1701

Solomon himself is the most shocking.
He could fully feel the power of Lin Ziming’s palm just now, to him, it really seemed to be a mountain crushed down, and it was simply not something his strength could contend with.
But in fact, this is not really a mountain crushed down, but just a palm of Lin Ziming, which means that Lin Ziming’s power has completely surpassed him, many, many, and even not the same as him. It’s of magnitude.
Knowing this, how can he not be shocked.
And the most terrifying thing was that he was just slapped by Lin Ziming, and now he couldn’t hold it anymore. Both his hands were broken and his pain made him sweat.
You know, he is a 5s-level expert, equivalent to the Innate Realm Dzogchen in the realm of Huaguo Martial Arts, and he is still at the same level, almost invincible, but now he is hit by Lin Ziming so easily with a single palm. Have to lose combat effectiveness.
So next, what did he use to resist Lin Ziming?
To be honest, he had never thought that Lin Ziming would be so powerful, even if he was sneak attacked, he would be unharmed.
At this moment, he was really scared, really scared.
Now that he fell to the ground, he felt Lin Ziming slowly walk over, and with extremely strong murderous intent, he was really scared and panicked.
He had no dignity, and now he just wanted to live, so he stood up immediately, and ran away without a grunt.
But why would Lin Ziming let him run? Seeing Lin Ziming just snorted coldly, he stepped away and chased Solomon.
They were all very fast, but in fact, Solomon didn’t know how far he could run, so he was caught up by Lin Ziming.
Then he heard Lin Ziming’s voice, “Do you know why I didn’t shoot you in the first place? Because I waited for you to shoot first. In this way, I can beat you to death in a fair manner within the rules. ”
Hearing Lin Ziming’s voice, Solomon could say that his scalp was numb. He had never been so scared, and he had never been so desperate.
He raised his head, looked at Johnson and others in front of him, and issued a cry for help: “You save me! Stop him together! He is a demon!”
Johnson and the others heard Solomon’s call for help, but none of them moved because they were also frightened by Lin Ziming. Lin Ziming now is really terrifying, just like a demon, completely invincible.
Solomon saw the reaction of Johnson and others, his heart sank, and he realized that he was going to die.
He uttered a violent drink, covered the mountains and rivers with anger, pierced through the sky, and expressed his unwillingness and reluctance for life.
He turned his head abruptly and shouted at Lin Ziming: “Lin Ziming, you can’t kill me! This is not in the ring, you can’t…”
However, he didn’t finish his words, so he was slapped by Lin Ziming and slapped on his forehead. Only a pop was heard. It sounded like a water bag had been punctured. Solomon’s huge The body fell down suddenly.
He fell to the ground with a painful expression, full of despair and regret. He had known this earlier, he shouldn’t have arrogantly shot Lin Ziming just now, causing his life to be lost!

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