A Life Upside Down

Chapter: 1704

I saw Romer only smiled indifferently, and said: “I signed up a long time ago, and my name is Danielt now.”
Hearing what he said, everyone came to realize that Rommel was deceiving everyone and deceived them all, without realizing that he was also in the Kung Fu Cup.
Hei Mamba sneered and said, “Romele, even if you come to sign up, what will happen? Now there is a super strong man in China who can pass the gods in half a step. You, Romer, in front of Lin Ziming, Can’t catch even three tricks!”
When other people heard this sentence, they were relieved a lot from their depressed moods.
Yes, even people like Romer are all ants in front of Lin Ziming, so compared to them, they are nothing.
You know, before Lin Ziming was born, Romer was the top player in their circle, and in fact, all of them were defeated by Romer, so they treated Romer. Still more hostile.
Originally, they all thought that Romer was dead, and they were celebrating. They did not think that Romer was still alive and that he was stronger than before.
If this were changed, they would definitely feel very jealous, very uncomfortable, and regard Romer as their archenemy.
But now with the appearance of Lin Ziming, Romer, who was once invincible, now seems so powerful, and even they still have a little gloating mood.
Romer obviously felt their emotions, snorted, and said, “This Lin Ziming has the luck of China gathered in his body, so he can break through to this level in such a short period of time. He is The last hope of China, if he is killed, then China will be devastated, and from then on, it will completely decline from the first-line power!”
Immediately someone sneered, disdainful of his words, and said: “You are talking nonsense. Who doesn’t know that Lin Ziming has gathered the national fortune of China, otherwise how could he grow to this level? The question is , He has grown up, and now all of us add up, it may not be his opponent.”
Others also agreed, thinking that Romer was just talking nonsense.
However, Romer sneered, with some contempt between his brows, and said: “Fortunately, you are still strong in Dzogchen in the Innate Realm, but you have a fear of Lin Ziming. Your mentality is too bad, I will replace him. You are ashamed!”
Someone immediately retorted him, “Romeel, what you said is so powerful. If there is something, you should go to Lin Ziming to single out, and see how you can hold him?”
Several people laughed at the same time, thinking that Romer was just talking, and when he really faced Lin Ziming, he was afraid that he couldn’t even say a word.
Romer’s brows frowned, and some discomfort flashed in his eyes, but he didn’t show it too much. Instead, he walked forward, looking very relaxed, and the situation on the scene was in his grasp. During this period, he said: “You think you can anger me with this despicable agitation method? Lin Ziming is indeed an aberrant that has been produced in a century. He has condensed a nation of great fortune, under the realm of God, he is not It might kill him.”
After a pause, he said again: “It is precisely because he has condensed China’s national fortune, as long as we unite and kill him, we can share this great fortune, and then we can also aspire to the realm of the gods!”
Hearing what he said, Zhongjing Junichiro’s brows jumped, and he said in a deep voice, “Romeel, you mean to assassinate Lin Ziming secretly?”

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