A Life Upside Down

Chapter: 1705

Hearing his words, other people also showed surprised expressions, thinking that Rommel was crazy, not to mention that Lin Ziming himself was already a half-step master of the gods, and all of them added together, it may not be necessary. Can kill Lin Ziming.
Even if it is really successful, but this is still in the territory of China, with the military god Huangpu Road sitting here, can they really leave China?
This is too risky!
Romer shook his head and said: “The assassination is definitely unrealistic. We can only kill Lin Ziming in the ring, Guan Mingzheng, and then we can take his luck.”
When everyone heard what he said, they rolled their eyes and looked speechless, “You are all nonsense when you say so much. Who doesn’t know that you are going to beat him to death in the ring.”
“Wait a minute.” Johnson, who had been silent at this time, stood up and said, staring at Romer closely, and said: “Romeel, what can you do?”
Romer shrugged and said: “As far as I know, the next warrior who will play in Hua Guo is the instructor Xiao Cangmang of the Xuanyuan Three Dragon Blood Team. He and Lin Ziming have a very good relationship. If next, who If Xiao Cangmang can be tortured to death in the ring, then Lin Ziming’s Dao Xin will inevitably collapse! And once his Dao Xin collapses, then his general trend will also die, and he will be backlashed by the general trend. If you fall to the realm, you will lose your mind.”
After finishing this sentence, he continued to say in a deep voice the details of the specific operation, so that after listening to the Dzogchen masters of the Innate Realm, everything shined in front of them. According to Romer’s analysis, if the next , Can really torture Xiao Cangmang to death in front of Lin Ziming in the ring, then Lin Ziming will definitely be greatly affected!
In fact, they all could see that although Solomon was killed by Lin Ziming just now, it seemed that Lin Ziming was still injured.
It can be said that Lin Ziming’s Dao Heart has already produced some cracks. If another fire is added next, then Lin Ziming is still very likely to be directly defeated by the general trend!
They discussed it seriously, and this time it was more perfect and more careful than Solomon had discussed before. They discussed it for three hours, and finally everyone left with a smile on their faces.
The fear of Lin Ziming also diminished a lot.
Because this theory is obviously very feasible, once implemented, the probability of success is still very high.
The most important thing is that they have to send the arrow on the string now, and there is no turning back.
On Lin Ziming’s side, after he killed Solomon, he didn’t make much movement, so he returned to the spectator stand and sat motionless. It seemed to everyone that he was sitting there like a god. , Suppressing all demons and ghosts, so that all the Chinese warriors feel an extremely strong sense of security.
But in fact, only Lin Ziming knew that even though he seemed to have killed Solomon easily just now, he was still injured.
This injury was not manifested on the body, but on the spiritual level. The general momentum he had condensed just now showed some cracks, and it was not as tight as before.
The main thing was Solomon’s sneak attack, which interrupted his general trend and had a huge impact on him.
In other words, if it wasn’t for his mental power to be stronger than many people, and he reacted quickly just now and closed his senses in time, then he had been defeated by Solomon just now.
Fortunately, this is not too fatal to hurt, he will just consolidate it next.
He didn’t show his injury, because he knew that now his every move is being paid attention to by everyone, especially for the Chinese martial artist, he is already the last hope, almost like a totem. If he really showed injury or weakness, his confidence in many Chinese martial artists would be a great blow.
Fortunately, in the next game, there were not many Hua Guo fighters participating in it, and the scene was not so bloody. After this day, Hua Guo mainly died of Yao Wei.
The blow to China’s momentum is not too great.
When the Kung Fu Cup was over, Lin Ziming left the spectator seat and returned to his rest room. Then he relaxed, his originally ruddy face slowly paled.
At the same time he sighed and sat down a little bit depressed.

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