A Life Upside Down

Chapter: 1706

He looks very weak in the way he is now. If he is seen by people outside, it will definitely be a huge blow.
But isn’t it? Peng Zhuo and Zhao Xia who followed in later saw Lin Ziming look like this and were shocked.
Zhao Xia immediately asked with concern: “Instructor Lin, you, are you in trouble?”
Lin Ziming waved his hand and said, “Nothing.”
Peng Zhuo said worriedly: “Instructor Lin, are you injured? Isn’t it serious? There will be your game tomorrow.”
Everyone else is also worried. Now Lin Ziming must have nothing to do, otherwise their Hua Guo will come to an end in this Kung Fu Cup.
Lin Ziming saw that they were all so worried and smiled and said, “Why, don’t you all believe me that much?”
“No, no, no, instructor Lin, you misunderstood, we didn’t mean that, we were caring about you…”
“Yes, instructor Lin, now you are the hope of our country, you must not have an accident.”
“But speaking of it, that Solomon is really mean! It’s not a pity to attack Instructor Lin by surprise!”
“They have a beautiful country, and they have a face in the world, claiming to be the justice police, are you shy! They have done such despicable things over the years!”
They all expressed their contempt for the beautiful country.
General Qin said at this time: “Instructor Lin, do you need me to do anything?”
When everyone heard this, they also calmed down and looked at Lin Ziming.
Lin Ziming said with a wry smile: “I’m a little hungry, you can just get me something to eat. Then I will rest for a while, there should be no problem.”
Peng Zhuo slapped his head and said, “Look at my mind, I have forgotten about it.”
Next, they sent someone to arrange a dinner for Lin Ziming. They saw that Lin Ziming’s expressions were much better, but they were still a bit depressed. Knowing that Lin Ziming should have no big problems, they gradually breathed a sigh of relief and started. Go out and leave room for Lin Ziming to rest.
After Lin Ziming had eaten, he entered a state of meditation and slowly recovered.
Soon the next day, Lin Ziming recovered a lot.
When everyone saw his state, they really relaxed.
Today, Xiao Cangmang finally ushered in the field, and everyone was cheering for him.
“Old Xiao, when you are on the court, you must play well and raise your country’s prestige!”
“Yes, Old Xiao, show them the colors of these foreigners!”
“This time your opponent is also a master of innate realm, what is his name is Danielt, just crush it!”

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