A Life Upside Down

Chapter: 1709

All this happened so quickly. For so many spectators in the audience, what they saw was that Xiao Cangmang was knocked down as soon as the game bell rang, and he was still completely crushed. .
It was so fast that their eyes couldn’t react!
The Chinese warriors who had cheered for Xiao Cangmang just now were all stunned. They all opened their eyes wide and were incomparably astonished. They couldn’t accept what was happening now.
For those foreign warriors, it is a booster, making them excited all at once.
Zhao Xia ran to the bottom of the ring. He was going to shout to Xiao Cangmang, but when he saw this scene, he couldn’t say anything to his lips.
Especially when he raised his head, he just caught the look in Danielt’s eyes… No, it should not be said that it was Danielt, but Romer, a super strong man who was not below Solomon. !
His eyes were extremely cold, full of ridicule and coercion, so that Zhao Xia felt unprecedented pressure in that moment, making his hands and feet cold.
Then, Romer lifted Xiao Cangmang up with one hand and looked at Lin Ziming on the spectator stand. The corners of his mouth were raised, revealing a joking and provocative expression, and said, “Lin Ziming, you are the one of the Kung Fu Cup. The strongest, but unfortunately you can’t even keep your friends.”
He speaks fluent Chinese, even without an accent, and it sounds like a Chinese speaker.
All of the Chinese people who were present and watching the live broadcast were angered all at once, and they screamed, but they only complained. There was no way to deal with Romer in the ring.
There was no expression on Lin Ziming’s face, and his eyes were cold, making it impossible to see what emotion he was.
He stood up, looked at Romer on the ring, and spoke plainly, “What’s your real name?”
Romer didn’t answer him, but continued to pinch Xiao Cangmang’s neck with one hand, as if pinching a chicken.
This scene was too exciting for everyone in the third place of Xuanyuan!
Especially the agents of the Dragon Blood team, all of them clenched their fists now, their eyes flushed. Xiao Cangmang is their instructor. In their minds, he is like a father. Now his life is hanging by a thread, and his heart is so angry that he is so humiliated!
Romer showed a disgusting smile, his hands began to squeeze Xiao Cangmang loudly, “Lin Ziming, are you very angry now and want to come up and kill me? Unfortunately you can’t. No matter how strong you are? You are not the best in the world after all, and you still have to be restricted by the rules, hahahaha!”
What he said made all Chinese people angry.
“Damn, what are you arrogant foreigners! Instructor Lin can kill you with just one finger!”
“What is your ability to bully Instructor Xiao, you can challenge Instructor Lin if you have it, and you will be done by seeing how Instructor Lin manages you!”
“Danielte, if you dare to kill Instructor Xiao, I swear that you will be killed!!!”
“If you don’t want to die, quickly let go of Instructor Xiao!”

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