A Life Upside Down

Chapter: 1711

Xiao Cangmang immediately let out a scream, sounding extremely painful.
Romer brazenly tortured Xiao Cangmang in front of Lin Ziming, which was extremely uncomfortable for everyone.
“Ahhhhhhh…” Xiao Cangmang could only scream, but couldn’t say surrender, because Romer strangled his throat, making him unable to say a complete sentence.
After only a while, Xiao Cangmang was already scarred, covered in blood, and his hand bones were cruelly broken by Romer.
Lin Ziming couldn’t stand it anymore, he shouted out loudly, “You let go of Instructor Xiao, I can spare you not to die.”
Lin Ziming said coldly, facing the painful torment of Xiao Cangmang, he finally couldn’t keep calm.
However, Romer laughed, “Hahaha, Lin Ziming, you really think of yourself as invincible in the world, and you forgive me not to die?”
After speaking, he continued to torment Xiao Cangmang again.
Xiao Cangmang is now completely bruised and bruised. Everyone clenched their fists when they saw him like this. There was endless pain and resentment in their hearts, but there was no way. According to the rules of the Kung Fu Cup, they could not organize Romei at all. Yeah!
Everyone looked at Lin Ziming. They knew that at this time, only Lin Ziming could save Xiao Cangmang.
Lin Ziming took a deep breath, and he continued: “What do you want, tell me!”
Romer finally let go of Xiao Cangmang now, showing a meaningful smile, and then said: “It’s very simple, I want you to kneel down and bang your heads at me three times, and I will let him go.”
He said these words, full of banter and ridicule, all for the sake of playing Lin Ziming, for the sake of Lin Ziming.
In this way, all the Chinese martial artists became even more angry and annoyed after hearing this.
“what did you say!”
“Damn, you die foreign trash, you dare to humiliate Instructor Lin so much, what kind of bird are you!”
“You are dead, you must be dead!”
“Instructor Lin, you can’t kneel! Instructor Lin is the backbone of our country. No one can kneel!”
What they said was right. Now Lin Ziming is not only representing himself, but also representing the entire country of China, representing the backbone of China. If Lin Ziming kneels, it will be one to all Chinese people. A huge blow, even the national backbone, will suffer huge destruction at this moment!
This is something that no one wants to see.
Why didn’t Lin Ziming himself know about this? It’s just that if he didn’t kneel, then Xiao Cangmang would definitely die.
With Romer’s martial arts, even if he rushes forward forcibly, regardless of the rules of the Kung Fu Cup, he cannot save Xiao Cangmang, because Romer is not an ordinary Dzogchen master of Innate Realm, but the same level as Solomon. of.
Romer could break Xiao Cangmang’s neck before he rushed forward.

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