A Life Upside Down

Chapter: 1712

For a while, he stood there, gritted his teeth, but there was no way he could do it. He hadn’t had such powerlessness for a long, long time!
This Romer is simply touching his inverse scales, his murderous intentions against Romer surpassed anyone.
Romer saw that he had been reluctant to agree, and his face became gloomy. He snorted and said, “Why, you don’t want to kneel? It seems that you are also a fake national hero, and you don’t even care about your compatriots. .”
After saying this, he continued to use his force to choke Xiao Cangmang’s neck.
Seeing that Xiao Cangmang was about to be strangled alive, Lin Ziming’s cheerful expression made Lin Ziming shout out again.
After Rommel heard it, his face reappeared with a joking smile, “You have a saying from China, who knows the current affairs is a great man, Lin Ziming, you are a wise man, and you know what you should do now.”
Lin Ziming’s heart was already entangled to the extreme. He once had no more than ten thousand thoughts. He wanted to rush to kill Romer. For his current strength, killing Romer is not a difficult thing.
But he knows that once he does this, then he is in the arms of the enemy, because as long as he does this, he will inevitably lose his qualifications. Then the Kung Fu Cup champion has nothing to do with Hua Guo.
However, at this moment, Xiao Cangmang, who had always been motionless, unexpectedly exploded with a huge aura, as if he had exhausted the last bit of energy in his body, and unexpectedly took advantage of Romer’s relaxation, a violent, and he opened his eyes. He released Romer’s restraint, then stared at Lin Ziming with canthus eyes, and drank out loudly, “Instructor Lin, remember to avenge me! China can have me, but not you!”
When Lin Ziming saw this scene, his body trembled suddenly and severely. He saw the determination in Xiao Cangmang’s eyes and the smile on his face. He realized that it was not good and called out loudly, “Xiao Instructor, no!!”
However, it was too late for his words. Xiao Cangmang raised his hands abruptly, slapped his forehead hard, and then Xiao Cangmang’s body fell straight to the ground… .
Romer wanted to stop, but he was still a step slower. He didn’t expect that Xiao Cangmang was so decisive, he was already bruised all over his body, and he could still explode such a large amount of energy.
Suddenly, the whole audience fell into silence. Everyone looked at the arena, it was already motionless, Xiao Cangmang who had become a corpse.
There was the last smile on Xiao Cangmang’s face, and there was some arrogance in his smile, and he did not shame Hua Guo.
Lin Ziming stared at Xiao Cangmang’s corpse blankly, his mood, and what it was like he couldn’t tell.
In that instant, he seemed to have lost a lot, as if he had gained something.
The whole person stood there, time at this moment, it seemed to be incredibly slow, and for a moment, he couldn’t feel anything.
Lin Ziming has always valued and admired Xiao Cangmang.
From the first day he met, he had a very good impression of Xiao Cangmang. He was an iron-blooded man who burned his life for the country and the people. He dedicated his life to the three places of Xuanyuan and the country of China.
Originally, such a hero should be perfected in his old age, but Xiao Cangmang chose to sacrifice himself in order not to make it difficult for him, to prevent him from falling, and for the hope of Hua Guo…
At this moment, in addition to the strong national tragic and majesty, Lin Ziming also felt a kind of national responsibility that he had never felt before. He gave his life for the country and he did not hesitate!
He closed his eyes, and two lines of tears flowed from the corners of his eyes.
He secretly said to himself: “Instructor Xiao, you can go with confidence, I will avenge you, and I will lead China to lead the glory.”

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It’s weird that he decided to shout “Instructor Lin, remember to avenge me! China can have me, but not you!” Instead of “I Surrender” and he still has enough energy to commit suicide. I know it might be about honor and shii… But then that was so dumb, what if his death affects instructor Lin and he can’t break through anymore?
Selfish move bro.??

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