A Life Upside Down

Chapter: 1713

After the audience was quiet for three seconds, then a huge movement broke out in an instant. All the Chinese martial artists boiled at this moment, and they continued to rush to the ring to beat Romer to death. The instructor takes revenge! !
“Ahhhhhhhhhh!! Instructor Xiao is dead, we rushed up together, killed this beast, and avenged instructor Xiao!!”
“I want to kill you!!”
“Instructor Xiao…”
Even Romer, faced with this situation, he was taken aback and frightened. If these Chinese warriors all rushed up together, then he would definitely be unstoppable.
He will withdraw from the ring the first time.
But soon, he was stopped by a figure. He fixed his eyes and saw a heavy face, especially the expression in his eyes, full of murderous intent, which made him feel his scalp numb and his heart suddenly Speeded up a lot, and produced a feeling of fear.
Because this person standing in front of him is not someone, but Lin Ziming!
Now Lin Ziming, like a demon god who got up in hell, was extremely frightened, as if the air around Lin Ziming was all black. As long as a look in his eyes could make Romer feel the breath of hell.
“Lin Ziming, you, what do you want to do! If you kill me, you don’t want to win the championship!” Romer said sternly. He stepped back two steps, extremely afraid and afraid of Lin Ziming.
He didn’t feel the horror of Lin Ziming until he really faced Lin Ziming now.
That wasn’t something he could resist at all. He had a feeling that if Lin Ziming really shot him, then he might not be able to resist even three moves!
Lin Ziming still stared at him coldly, without speaking.
At this moment, the Chinese warriors all around surrounded Romel, and as long as Lin Ziming ordered them, they would besiege Romel recklessly, tear him apart, and avenge Xiao Cangmang.
Soon, those foreign warriors also rushed in and surrounded so many Chinese warriors.
People from other countries shouted loudly, “Lin Ziming, what do you want to do! Do you really want to lose the qualification for the competition!”
“Don’t think that this is your China as the organizer, so you can do whatever you want. The Kung Fu Cup is the world’s Kung Fu Cup, but it’s not your China who won the Kung Fu Cup!”
“Lin Ziming, if you dare to do it, you will be deprived of the qualification immediately!”
“Lin Ziming, your behavior has already violated the bottom line of the Kung Fu Cup!”
This situation suddenly became a lot more serious, and it was about to happen.
Everyone has to focus on Lin Ziming. If Lin Ziming really restrains himself, then it will really turn into a group fight event. By then, most of the Kung Fu Cup will be destroyed, and the impact will be Extremely huge!
General Qin and Peng Zhuo in the crowd looked at each other and saw the solemnity and worry in each other’s eyes. Intellectually, they did not approve of direct action. In this way, Lin Ziming would be immediately caught. Deprived of the qualifications of the game, and China will be stained on its back, the next Kung Fu Cup, China is likely to be eligible to participate.
However, Xiao Cangmang’s death was indeed very angry to them.
Finally, under this situation, Lin Ziming finished speaking. He took back the monstrous murderous intent, and just said: “You wash your neck and wait for me to get your head.”
After saying this, Lin Ziming will turn around and say to all the Chinese martial artists in front of him: “I will give you an explanation.”
Then, he walked back to the ring again, picked up Xiao Cangmang’s corpse, and disappeared at the Kung Fu Cup scene in three or two steps.
Everyone felt disappointed and relieved when everyone saw his move. Lin Ziming restrained himself in the end, which was not bad.
No huge mistakes have been made.
Those Chinese warriors slowly dispersed in the end with an extremely heavy and sorrowful emotion.

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