A Life Upside Down

Chapter: 1714

At this moment, all of them felt heavier.
Especially for everyone in the third place of Xuanyuan, that was even more a huge blow.
Xiao Cangmang was talking and laughing with them just now, but now he has become a corpse, and his soul is scattered in the world.
Especially for so many agents in the Dragon Blood team, it was even more painful, and many agents even cried.
Peng Zhuo and others felt this emotion, and they also sighed heavily, not knowing what to say.
Before this Kung Fu Cup was held, they had never imagined that it would develop into this way. It was too tragic and too sad.
Even their pressure and emotions are so great, they even dare not imagine what Lin Ziming’s heart is.
After Lin Ziming left the Kung Fu Cup, he didn’t go too far. Instead, he went to a park. He put down Xiao Cangmang’s body and slowly helped Xiao Cangmang close his eyes.
There were still many people in the park. Seeing this scene, they were all taken aback. They surrounded one after another and pointed at Lin Ziming.
But isn’t it? Lin Ziming looks too scary now, his face is pale.
There is a little blood.
The most important thing was that Xiao Cangmang was clearly dead in front of him, especially the one who died terribly. He was covered in blood, and even his forehead was smashed into a hollow.
His body is even more bruised and bruised, and it looks terrifying.
Lin Ziming looked at Xiao Cangmang blankly, his face full of pain.
In his mind, the pictures from this period of time have been flashing. The deaths of so many Chinese warriors, the pictures before death, those screams, are all intertwined in his mind, as if they are all living in his mind.
He indeed relied on this tragic national spirit to condense into the general trend, but this is also a double-edged sword, and now he has begun to be backlashed by the general trend.
Originally, between today, Lin Ziming was still able to resist, because his psychological quality was strong enough.
In the past few years of his son-in-law’s life, he has been subjected to so much humiliation and uselessness, and forcibly polished his psychology and will into a piece of iron.
But today, Xiao Cangmang’s death became the last straw to crush the camel!
Let his psychological defense finally be unable to support it!
He closed his eyes now, and in his mind was the picture of those compatriots dying tragically, especially the emotions, Xiao Cangmang’s final heroic sacrifice, turned into a magic sound, lingering in his mind.
Even, his expression began to grow savagely, hugged his brain, struggling happily.
His body was hot and cold, and he began to growl lowly.
The whole person looked particularly scary, like Monkey King who was chanted by Tang Seng.
All of the onlookers in the park were immediately startled.
“What’s wrong with this man, shouldn’t he be a murderer?”
“He seems to be in pain…”
“Hurry up and call the police, it looks terrifying.”

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