A Life Upside Down

Chapter: 1715

Lin Ziming’s current appearance is indeed very scary, completely like a beast, on the verge of losing control.
Moreover, a powerful aura erupted from him, which scared so many people around. Many people began to take out their phones and started calling the police. They were so far away that they did not dare to approach Lin Ziming.
If Peng Zhuo and the others were here, they would find that Lin Ziming was beginning to be backlashed by the general trend. This is a very dangerous thing. At the slightest level, you will fall into the realm.
And once you get caught up in the devil, the result will be bad.
With Lin Ziming’s current strength, it is impossible to stop Lin Ziming from being a super strong under the realm of the gods.
Moreover, the so-called demonization, the realm will not drop, but will be more powerful. The so-called demonization is to fall into the devil’s way, completely unconscious, and the result will be a large-scale killing, and I don’t know how many people will die.
Lin Ziming himself knew this, so he endured bitterly now. The veins on his body burst out, and he was extremely painful, as if there was a fierce beast in his body, trying to break through his body. Torn violently!
This kind of pain is much more painful than childbirth. If the will is not strong enough to make people, you will not be able to hold it at all. In just a few seconds, you will lose control!
Even this kind of pain has surpassed the specificity of Guan Erye’s bone scraping, and it is more painful than the absence of anesthetics during the operation.
Moreover, Lin Ziming had to endure mental pain, not to mention.
He just suddenly, the pores all over his body began to open, and his body seemed to start to boil, and a lot of mist emanated from his body!
This scene looks extremely terrifying and scary.
And his appearance made the people present even more panic.
“Hey, is it the police, there is a neurosis here, come arrest!”
“Hey police, there is a murderer here, come on…”
Many people started calling the police and stayed away.
But for Lin Ziming, he can no longer hear the voices of these citizens, and he has completely fallen into his own painful struggle.
It can be said that he has never experienced such violent pleasure when he grows up so much.
Even this kind of pain far surpassed the extent to which he swallowed the Xisui Pill when he was promoted to the Innate Realm at that time!
If the pain at that time was 10, then his pain now is 100!
Ten times more intense!
Lin Ziming finally couldn’t help it anymore, he clasped his head tightly and rolled on the ground.
He could clearly feel that the evil voice in his mind became louder and louder.
Moreover, the demon in his body is becoming more energetic and stronger, growing in his body continuously, and bursting out of his body at any time!
And now, he felt that his body was like a paper cage, holding a tiger, fragile, and would be torn apart at any time.
But he still has to rely on his own will to suppress it, because he knows what the fate will be if he gets into trouble!
“Lin Ziming, you can’t relax! You can’t fall into the magic way!”

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