A Life Upside Down

Chapter: 1716

Lin Ziming kept yelling at himself in his heart, reminding himself.
And these people around him became even more frightened when they saw him like this. Many others took out their mobile phones one after another to shoot videos. If they were uploaded to the Internet, they would definitely become a hot spot. Now Lin Ziming, It looks like a beast.
Not long after, there was a police car whistling on the side of the road, a police car arrived, and a group of police officers came down soon. Seeing this scene of Lin Ziming, they all began to become solemn, especially on the ground, with one lying down. Corpse!
Many young policemen took out their guns and stood ready.
They slowly walked up to arrest Lin Ziming.
“Don’t move, raise your hand! You have been arrested!”
Finally, the police began to speak. Lin Ziming felt their approach. He raised his head with difficulty, his eyes were blood red, and his scalp was numb when he watched them.
“Go, go, go quickly…” Lin Ziming said in a hoarse voice, and now he has used his little will to speak to them.
Because he can feel it, he is already on the verge of collapse, and he can no longer hold on to it!
Once he really fell into the devil’s way, then these people present would be destroyed!
However, how these policemen would listen to Lin Ziming’s words, it was their duty to deal with violence.
Seeing that they were not leaving yet, Lin Ziming shouted loudly with his last bit of will, “Go! Go!”
After saying this, he felt that his state was even worse, and his whole person was on the verge of being torn apart, especially his sanity was running out.
Now his consciousness fell into a state of extreme fatigue, as if he hadn’t closed his eyes for three days and three nights, and he really wanted to sleep.
He knew that once he fell asleep, he would never wake up for the rest of his life.
He will completely fall into the magic way and become a demon who can only kill!
This is what happened to Romer’s group of people, and the consequences would be disastrous!
He wanted to control himself, but he found that it was really too difficult.
However, these civilians and policemen didn’t understand how much pain and suffering he was going through at this moment. The policemen looked at each other and began to take tough measures against Lin Ziming, wanting to arrest Lin Ziming violently!
In Lin Ziming’s last scarlet pupil, he saw that these policemen were about to arrest him. His eyes flashed with pain. He wanted to talk, but he couldn’t say it anymore. His heart was full of pain, because he knew , Once these policemen touch him, they will be counter-killed by him!
However, at this moment, a voice rang!
“You all get out!”
This voice didn’t sound very loud, but in its tone, it was full of majesty. After the police heard it, they couldn’t help but obey it and began to stop.
They looked back subconsciously, and immediately saw an old man walking slowly from the crowd.
This old man was dressed in a Tang suit. He didn’t look particularly old, and he didn’t have many wrinkles on his face. He was only sixty years old if he looked at his size.
But the look in his eyes and his temperament give people an extremely ancient and vicissitudes of life!
He had to show up so that so many people around couldn’t help quieting down.
And, another strange thing happened…

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