A Life Upside Down

Chapter: 1717

Soon the onlookers and the policemen suddenly appeared in their eyes, their pupils began to lose focus, and then the whole person was staggered and fell down as if drunk.
All of a sudden, the whole park was left with this old man who had already walked in front of Lin Ziming, and Lin Ziming who was rolling on the ground in pain.
This scene is extremely weird, if you were seen by Peng Zhuo and others, you would definitely be frightened! I thought I met a ghost.
Because even if they are martial artists, they can’t understand this kind of thing at all. How can a martial artist hypnotize so many people in an instant, no matter how advanced the cultivation is?
This is something that the Dzogchen of the Innate Realm could not do.
Lin Ziming was the only person who saw this scene. Although his pupils were scarlet, his sight became blood-red, but in this blood-red world, he still saw the old man who came by, what he did just now. The thing, just came slowly, it hypnotized so many passers-by!
“you you you……”
It was also because of the horror at this moment that Lin Ziming had such a stagnation in the mind of the battle between heaven and human, which made him widen his eyes and see the old man’s appearance clearly.
When he saw the old man’s appearance, his brain exploded!
That kind of horror, that kind of surprise, even if he is now in a state of suffering and suffering between heaven and man, it still stops him, and the whole person is stunned!
His first reaction was to think that he had hallucinations, which was completely impossible!
Because the old man in front of him is no one, but he is his grandfather who has been dead for three years!
At that moment, his thinking stopped, and time became still at this moment.
But how is this possible? His grandfather is dead. He has been dead for three years!
It was after his grandfather died that he inherited his grandfather’s inheritance, and it was at that moment that his life ushered in changes.
But now, his grandfather has come back from the dead?
Even with Lin Ziming’s thinking, he couldn’t figure out why this happened.
“Master, grandpa?”
Lin Ziming opened his opened mouth and shouted the hoarseest and most trembling words.
Even he didn’t know it, he was already in tears, and the appearance of grandpa was the most shocking and incredible thing for him in these years!
Compared to his mother, Qin Yuehua, in fact, his grandfather had the greatest influence on him.
His three views, his martial arts, and everything about him all come from his grandfather.
When he knew that his grandfather died of his brain and became a vegetable, no one knew how painful he was, and the whole world collapsed.
At that moment, his whole heart died, he was willing to be expelled from the Lin family, willing to go to the Chu family to be a door-to-door son-in-law, and also willing to become a waste, a waste!
And now, Grandpa has come alive, he has come alive…
He was trembling violently, and the shock in his heart directly resisted his backlash.
The old man walked in front of him, gently touched his face, showing a kind and loving smile, “Ziming, Grandpa is back.”
Hearing this grandpa’s return, Lin Ziming’s tear duct collapsed again, and he cried into a tearful person, “Grandpa, grandpa…”

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