A Life Upside Down

Chapter: 1718

But immediately, he was finally no match for the backlash of the general trend. His whole person was gradually being swallowed, causing him to hug his head in pain and smash it to the ground with great strength. Smash the cement floor directly into a hole.
“Grandpa, go, go…” Lin Ziming almost said this sentence from between his teeth.
He really hates himself now, and also hates God, his reunion with his grandfather is actually when he is about to go crazy!
If he is really crazy, then he will completely lose his mind, and grandpa will also be hurt by him.
Grandpa heard his words, stroked his head, and said kindly: “Ziming, the past few years have made you suffer…”
“Grandpa, go…” Lin Ziming’s words became weak.
Grandpa said: “You have done well enough, then leave it to Grandpa. Grandpa won’t let you have an accident.”
After finishing this sentence, Grandpa’s aura suddenly ushered in a change. It was an extremely powerful aura. To Lin Ziming’s spiritual level, it was like a nuclear explosion. Even his current cultivation level actually resisted. Without holding the grandfather’s momentum, his eyes went dark and he passed out directly.
After he passed out, his grandfather showed some complicated expressions in his eyes. He picked up Lin Ziming and left here in a few steps.
After he left, these ordinary people who fell on the ground began to slowly wake up, with a daze in their eyes.
“What happened just now? Why am I lying on the ground?”
“Strange, how do I feel like I have forgotten something?”
They all forgot what was just now, collectively amnesia.
Moreover, the video they had taken with their mobile phone just now was nowhere to be found.
It’s a pity that no one knows what happened just now, otherwise, it will definitely cause a huge subversion!
However, in a building far away, there was a man in fluttering clothes standing. His eyes were deep. He looked at the park for a long time before he took his gaze back. The corners of his mouth rose slightly, revealing a profound meaning. With a smile on his face, he murmured: “Old thing, it turns out that Lin Ziming is your grandson, but you finally reveal your true identity.”
After saying this, his figure disappeared in place, at a very fast speed, completely teleporting.
Lin Ziming seemed to have had a very long dream, in which he experienced many things. Moreover, this dream was extremely real, as if it had actually happened. He could feel the ups and downs, joy, anger, sorrow, and joy very real.
But it was so true, but he knew that it was a dream.
This kind of experience is something he has never experienced before.
Finally, I don’t know how long it took, his consciousness slowly returned to his body, allowing him to slowly open his eyes, his vision gradually changed from blur to clear, allowing him to see clearly. Things in front of you.
He was actually in a wooden house, on the table in the room, just lighting an oil lamp, and the only light in the room was emitted from this oil lamp.
It seems that this room is very dark and has a special flavor.
This is the real picture, and he immediately realized it.
But he didn’t know why he was in the wooden house… Soon, he thought of something, and he straightened his body suddenly!
He was defeated by the general trend, his will could not be resisted, and he was about to go crazy… and then he met Grandpa…
Yes, grandpa!

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