A Life Upside Down

Chapter: 1719

All the memories flooded into Lin Ziming’s mind like a tide at this moment, making him remember everything at once!
Originally, he was already backlashed by the general trend, and he was about to become a demon with no sense and humanity. At this time, it was grandpa who suddenly appeared.
Moreover, Grandpa’s aura is very powerful, and has surpassed the concept of Dzogchen in the Innate Realm…
Thinking of this, Lin Ziming was shocked at once, unable to return to his senses for a long time.
Grandpa is actually a master of the God Realm? !
This message was really shocking to him. He grew up with his grandfather since he was a child, and he knew his grandfather very well.
Grandpa is a martial artist. The foundation of his martial arts comes from his grandpa. However, his grandpa is obviously just an ordinary warrior. In his impression, his grandpa can’t even reach the congenital realm. How could he be a master of the gods? Where’s the master?
This is totally unscientific!
Isn’t it right, masters of the God-passing Realm, what kind of existence it is, it is not an exaggeration to claim to be the strongest on earth. Looking at the world, how many masters of the God-Through the God Realm are there, definitely not more than twenty, and Grandpa, is one of them?
It’s not right. If Grandpa is really a master at the realm of Gods, how could the Lin Family have this status?
If Grandpa was really a master of the God Realm, it would be even more impossible to become a vegetative back then.
Could it be that he didn’t see Grandpa, but someone else?
At this moment, his brain was caught in a brainstorm, even with his ingenuity, he couldn’t figure it out.
Fortunately, his calming ability is still very strong, and immediately he couldn’t figure it out, so he didn’t want to continue thinking, but forced himself to calm down and start to focus on reality.
He found that he was in a wooden house room, the whole room, there was only an oil lamp on the table, the light was very dim and dim.
In this room, there is no trace of modern electrical appliances, it looks like an ancient building!
Therefore, in such a moment, he had the idea of ​​whether he had traveled to ancient times.
But soon, he dispelled this suspicion.
Because he obviously felt that he was still himself…
He began to focus his attention on himself, and soon he discovered that there was no such thing as a phenomenon of his own delusion. He is now energetic and has a profound realm!
His realm has stabilized at the half-step through the gods realm, he can feel the explosive power in his body by clenching his fist, and be able to punch the earth through!
This is the stalwart power he has never had before. He knows that he has completely digested this’general trend’, and he will no longer suffer the backlash of the general trend.
He was pleasantly surprised in an instant. As long as he could stabilize his realm, he would definitely be able to win the Kung Fu Cup, redeem the dignity of China, and avenge so many dead compatriots.
And Xiao Cangmang…
Thinking of Xiao Cangmang, his heart still couldn’t help but hurt.
He recovered immediately, got off the bed and started to walk out of the wooden house.
Now he has no idea how much his mental power has improved, and he is much stronger than before!
It can be said that now he can fight ten of his former self, and there is no problem at all.
After coming out of the wooden house, he found that the wooden house was built next to a small lake and surrounded by densely wooded forests.
“Where is this place?”

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