A Life Upside Down

Chapter: 1720

Lin Ziming couldn’t help but wonder.
He used his mental power to perceive the surroundings, but there was no trace of his grandfather, which made him feel lost. Could it be that his grandfather is gone?
“Grandpa! Where are you?” Lin Ziming simply shouted.
His voice echoed in the forest, scaring many insects, birds and beasts, but he couldn’t help but feel lost because of his grandpa’s response.
Grandpa, is this gone?
Why, grandpa is obviously a super power in the realm of the gods, why don’t you want to see him!
Or, the old man who saved him was not his grandfather, but an old man who looked a lot like his grandfather?
He didn’t want to believe this conjecture. He missed his grandfather so much. If he could see him again, that would be his happiest moment!
He yelled a few more times, but still didn’t get a response. He sighed heavily and sat slumped on the ground, feeling endlessly lost in his heart.
He also eliminated a lot of his joy in successfully stabilizing the realm in the half-step Tongshen realm.
However, after a while, he heard a sound of footsteps, which made him instantly overjoyed, turned his head quickly, and looked in the direction of the sound.
Suddenly, he saw a familiar figure walking slowly towards him from the forest.
But it was not grandpa, but a fiery figure.
It’s no one, it’s just the neon clothes who haven’t seen each other for a while!
“Neon clothes?”
When Lin Ziming saw the neon clothes, he shouted out in surprise, very surprised in his heart, why did the neon clothes appear here?
Does the neon clothes have anything to do with grandpa?
Not seen for a while, Nishang actually broke through the realm and reached the congenital realm of Dzogchen, with good strength.
Because of the improvement of the realm, the neon clothes look more beautiful, and the whole person exudes a fairy-like aura, which can be seen from a distance and not to be scornful. Lin Ziming has seen neon clothes several times. Now that I saw the neon clothes again, I was still amazed by the fairy aura that the neon clothes showed at this moment.
Nothing else, now I have neon clothes, it is so beautiful, too alluring, causing Lin Ziming to have the idea that neon clothes are really fairies in such a moment.
When Nishang saw Lin Ziming, her eyes flashed surprises, but they disappeared quickly. She walked up to Lin Ziming step by step and said, “He has gone.”
When Lin Ziming heard this, he immediately frowned, stared at the neon clothes closely, and said in a deep voice: “Nishang, do you know my grandfather?!”
Nishang didn’t answer directly, but nodded gently.
After getting this response from Nishang, Lin Ziming’s heart is still filled, and he can finally confirm that grandpa is not dead, grandpa is still alive!
At that moment, his mood was extremely complicated, surprise, joy, doubt…
Nishang also looked at him quietly, without interrupting him.
Speaking of, since Lin Ziming came out of Luo Tian’s organization, Nishang has not seen him.
When Lin Ziming lowered his head, I didn’t see it, the eyes of Nishang looking at him were full of affection and admiration.
Finally, Lin Ziming raised his head and asked Nishang, “Grandpa, how have you been all these years?”

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