A Life Upside Down

Chapter: 1723

“Look! It’s Instructor Lin who is back!!”
“I’m not mistaken, it’s really Instructor Lin who is back, hahaha, great, now we have hope again!”
“Let me just say, instructor Lin is a rare genius in a thousand years, how could something happen so easily!”
“Yeah, only one day has passed, and instructor Lin is back. It’s great, it’s great, hahahaha…”
After Lin Ziming appeared, the audience immediately began to burst into loud noises, and all the Chinese people began to cheer up, and quickly approached Lin Ziming.
Before Lin Ziming appeared, in fact, everyone was still quite worried, for fear that something went wrong with Lin Ziming.
And in the day when Lin Ziming disappeared, the Chinese warriors were killed two more, and three were maimed. Now there are not many Chinese warriors who can play.
The most important thing is that the military’s spirit has received a huge blow. If Lin Ziming hasn’t appeared yet, then he will not have the courage to win the next match, and he will continue to enter the ring.
But now with the appearance of Lin Ziming, this situation will soon get better again. As long as Lin Ziming is there, they will feel very safe.
Anyway, when the sky fell, Lin Ziming was against it.
General Qin, Peng Zhuo and others were also relieved after seeing Lin Ziming.
Hastened to greet him.
To be honest, they were worried to death during these twenty-four hours, because Lin Ziming directly lost contact and had no whereabouts.
This kind of situation has not been encountered before, and because of Xiao Cangmang’s death, Lin Ziming was hit hard, and Lin Ziming received a general backlash. Especially when Lin Ziming left, his expression was not quite right.
They were very worried that Lin Ziming really had an accident. Once Lin Ziming had an accident, they could claim failure in this Kung Fu Cup.
Fortunately, Lin Ziming is back!
This caused all the rocks in their hearts to fall.
At this moment, Lin Ziming also felt the hope and concern of so many people in the audience, and his heart was still warm.
“Instructor Lin, great, you are finally back.”
Peng Zhuo walked up to Lin Ziming first and looked at Lin Ziming up and down, for fear of Lin Ziming’s problem.
Under his scrutiny, he found that Lin Ziming’s aura had undergone a little change.
Lin Ziming in front of him had the sharpness and domineering he had before, and his whole person became more restrained, deeper, and more unfathomable.
“Instructor Lin, are you, have you broken through?” Peng Zhuo asked cautiously.
When the other people who rushed over heard Peng Zhuo’s words, they looked at Lin Ziming closely, curious about Lin Ziming’s answer.
Lin Ziming smiled slightly, nodded lightly, and said, “Forget it.”
Hearing his affirmation, everyone immediately began to cheer up.
Zhao Xia laughed and said, “Instructor Lin is really instructor Lin. Breaking through is like drinking water. It’s too simple.”
Sun Liang also said with emotion: “Isn’t it? I remember that instructor Lin was a great congenital realm who broke through not long ago. It didn’t take long for him to break through again. It’s really amazing. Compared with instructor Lin, This group of us is just trash.”

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