A Life Upside Down

Chapter: 1724

He laughed at himself with a joke.
When the others listened, their hearts were quite complicated, but they didn’t have any jealousy or dissatisfaction.
Li Dao looked at Lin Ziming with mixed feelings in his heart. For such a fairy character, he had provoked Lin Ziming before, but now that he thinks about it, he really doesn’t know that the sky is high and the earth is thick.
Soon another person asked, “Instructor Lin, you are now a master of the God-Sound Realm?”
When this word came out, the audience immediately calmed down. Everyone suddenly reacted and looked at Lin Ziming in horror.
correct! After the Great Perfection of the Innate Realm, isn’t it the Realm of the God?
Lin Ziming was originally the realm of Dzogchen in the Innate Realm, but now that he has broken through, isn’t he already in the God-Throughout Realm?
Thinking of this possibility, they all gasped in unison, and looked at Lin Ziming’s expression as if they were looking at a monster!
That is a master of the God-Through the God Realm, in the entire Chinese nation, only the old man, the god of war, and the Holy King Luo Tian have reached this realm!
Moreover, they are all geniuses that are hard to come by among hundreds of millions, and they all have great luck on their shoulders! The most important thing is that they are already in old age, even the old man, the god of war, also has a sixtieth year!
As for Lin Ziming, he is less than 30 years old this year.
What kind of perversion is this, what a wicked evildoer.
At this time, other foreign warriors at the Kung Fu Cup site also discovered Lin Ziming’s return. Their reaction was exactly the opposite of that of the Chinese warriors. All of them frowned, their original high momentum suddenly reduced. a lot of.
There is no way, but Lin Ziming has put too much pressure on them. Although they look down on China, they have to admit that Lin Ziming is the most powerful person they have encountered in this life, and the seeds of Lin Ziming’s invincibility are already buried in their hearts.
The fear and fear of Lin Ziming are also deep in his bones.
The most important thing is that during this day, their superiors told them that Lin Ziming had already been backlashed by the general trend, from falling below his realm to the worst. In short, Lin Ziming is not enough to be afraid.
But now, Lin Ziming’s return has caused them no small shock.
Even Johnson and Hei Mamba were drinking tea leisurely, but when they saw Lin Ziming’s appearance, they were shocked and spit out the tea in their mouths.
“It’s impossible! Lin Ziming has gone crazy, why is he back again?!”
“And I feel that this son’s aura has become stronger, and there is no sign of him getting in the way now!”
“Romeel, what’s the situation?!”
Suddenly, the dozens of Innate Realm Dzogchen masters all set their sights on Romer, full of questions and dissatisfaction.
Don’t talk about them, even Romer himself now frowned. He also couldn’t understand why Lin Ziming could survive the situation the day before yesterday? This is impossible!
When he saw Lin Ziming, his first reaction was that he had hallucinations, but immediately, he realized that this was not an illusion, Lin Ziming had really come back.
At that moment, his heart was really flustered.
However, he had experienced strong winds and waves anyway, and soon calmed himself down.
He sneered and said, “Huh, what if he comes back, it’s just the end of the battle.”
When other people heard him, they immediately asked, “He is now very powerful and full of energy, how could he be the end of the force?”

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