A Life Upside Down

Chapter: 1725

Facing so many people’s questions, Romer stunned. His brain was running at a high speed, and he quickly figured out the key points. He immediately relaxed, feeling tense, and said disdainfully: ” You guys, don’t use your mind, just Lin Ziming will scare you like this.”
Romer’s words immediately aroused their dissatisfaction and irritation, and they began to scold them one after another.
“Hey! Romel, what do you mean! How dare you scold us?!”
“Romeel, are you provoking us! Do you really think that you are ranked higher than us on the international master list, so you are really better than us!”
“Outrageous, Romell, you must apologize to us! You have insulted our dignity!”
They encircled Romer and stared at Romer hostilely, with the intention of making a big fight.
However, in the face of their hostility, Romer didn’t care at all. He was relaxed from beginning to end. He sneered and said, “I said you are wrong? You only know that Lin Ziming is very good. Ming Da was scared. Now that Lin Ziming came back, he was so frightened that he didn’t think about it. Since Lin Ziming is so powerful, will he disappear one day and one night?”
Everyone showed thoughtful expressions when they heard what he said.
Although they were deeply afraid of Lin Ziming, they themselves were people with high IQs and strong psychological qualities. After hearing Rommel’s reminder, they immediately began to think.
After a while, Zhongjing Junichiro said in a deep voice, “Romeer, you mean that Lin Ziming is still being defeated by the general trend, and now he is injured?”
The others also looked at Romer, and they also thought of this.
Romer shook the red wine glass. His posture was very relaxed and elegant. The corners of his mouth were slightly raised, revealing a meaningful expression. He looked at Lin Ziming among the crowd and smiled contemptuously, saying: “Injury is inevitable. of.”
Black Mamba immediately said: “Since he is injured, why does he dare to come back? He is not afraid that we will kill him?”
This is also a logical loophole, but there is no question about Romer. He said: “If he does not come back, the beliefs of these Chinese warriors will be disbanded, and the impact on China will be even greater. Now that Lin Ziming is the representative of China, if he is really timid, then China’s martial arts spirit will be greatly affected. This is not what Chinese officials want to see.”
When everyone heard his explanation, they nodded and agreed with this point of view.
Indeed, for a country, the spirit of martial arts is very important.
There are not many warriors in a country. It often depends on whether the martial arts spirit of the country is strong enough. Up to now, Lin Ziming has condensed the general trend of the Chinese nation before, so he represents the warrior spirit of China. If it is down, then the martial arts spirit of China, or it can be called the luck of China, will be a huge blow!
Therefore, the general trend is actually a double-edged sword, which can make Lin Ziming become stronger quickly, but at the same time he must shoulder more responsibilities!
Romer continued: “Xiao Cangmang’s death the day before yesterday must have dealt a great blow to Lin Ziming. At that time, Lin Ziming’s situation was not right, otherwise he would not leave alone holding Xiao Cangmang’s corpse, and he had disappeared for so long. .”
Immediately someone discovered something and asked, “This is not right. If Lin Ziming is really backlashed by the general trend, then he is likely to be in a madness, but now he is alive and well, how can this be explained?”
Romel thoughtfully responded: “That was naturally the military god of Hua State. With his magical powers, he helped Lin Ziming suppress this backlash. But, huh, Hua. The state of the military god of the kingdom is not the highest in the realm of the gods, he can only suppress Lin Ziming from being turned into a demon, and he will definitely not be able to help Lin Ziming digest the trend of backlash! Therefore, now Lin Ziming is bound to regress in strength. Now, this is our good opportunity!”
After hearing his analysis, everyone nodded and agreed with this point of view.
As a result, their original nervous mood was relaxed a lot, and they felt that the future was bright.

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