A Life Upside Down

Chapter: 1728

There are several Innate Realm Dzogchen masters next to him. They saw his fear and fear, and they teased, “Johnson, you don’t have any blood on your face. Isn’t it because you are afraid of Lin Ziming?”
“Haha, Johnson, you are also on the international master list anyway, and you are afraid of doing this. This is a shame for your country.”
“Johnson, since you are so scared, don’t sign up for the Kung Fu Cup.”
“Don’t worry, you can still save your life by surrendering immediately after you go up.”
Hearing these ridicules, Johnson glared at them fiercely, and felt even more annoyed about their falling into trouble.
This group of people has never been his friends. Don’t look at how they united and discussed how to deal with Lin Ziming, but from a standpoint, they are all enemies.
Johnson naturally knew this truth. He said fiercely: “Hmph, you don’t have to laugh at me. When Lin Ziming’s next game, the opponent will be you too!”
When they heard this sentence, they couldn’t laugh, because Johnson was wrong. After this game, Lin Ziming’s ranking will move forward. When the next game comes, the opponent will be one of them.
But even so, they didn’t show it.
When Johnson was about to play, there was someone who stood up, not who, it was Romell. He said to Johnson, “You don’t have to be so afraid of Lin Ziming. Now if you have Lin Ziming, your strength will definitely be backwards. If you Lin Ziming may not be your opponent if he can display his peak combat power.”
Johnson, who was originally terrified, suddenly woke up after hearing what Romeld said. Yes, Lin Ziming was beaten back by the general trend. Even if there is no confusion, at least the realm will fall, as long as He showed his strength and he still hoped to defeat Lin Ziming!
Moreover, as long as he defeated Lin Ziming, then he could naturally take away Lin Ziming’s general momentum, thus establishing his invincible belief, and his strength would also develop rapidly.
This is a crisis, but also an opportunity!
Thinking about this, Johnson’s fear was reduced a lot.
Soon, Johnson slowly moved forward under the tremendous pressure and walked to the ring. He stood opposite Lin Ziming again and found that he was under endless pressure.
Moreover, this pressure originated from his own psychology, because Lin Ziming didn’t have much aura radiating from the depths of his heart, and he was already extremely afraid of Lin Ziming.
However, anyhow, he was also a master of Innate Realm Dzogchen, and after he wanted to understand the key, he quickly calmed down.
He also proactively said to Lin Ziming, “Lin Ziming, I have to admire your courage. I was defeated by the general situation and dare to come back to the game. Do you really think you are invincible under the realm of the gods?”
After saying these words, Johnson’s confidence slowly recovered. Especially, Lin Ziming just looked at him lightly, completely without the domineering and prestige of the previous few days, he began to realize that Lin Ziming was really real. Is likely to fall into the realm
There is no need to be afraid of Lin Ziming like this.
Ten thousand steps back and said, even if he really couldn’t beat Lin Ziming, he wouldn’t even have a chance of surrendering, so he was still safe.
And the most attractive person, once he defeated Lin Ziming, it would be Dragon Slaying!
The benefits he will get by then are immense.
After thinking about this, Lin Ziming didn’t feel that scary in his eyes.
Lin Ziming naturally saw through his reaction, and the corners of his mouth rose slightly, revealing an intriguing expression.

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