A Life Upside Down

Chapter: 1729

Because the Kung Fu Cup is now in the late stage, the vast numbers of martial artists under the Innate Realm before have been eliminated, and all the innate realm masters who are participating now are all high-level Inborn Realm masters, with the lowest level of cultivation. It is also the third stage of Innate Realm.
And like today, when Lin Ziming played against Johnson, both of them were masters of Dzogchen in the congenital realm, which attracted the attention of countless warriors.
In their view, this is definitely a battle.
You know, the Great Perfection of the Innate Realm is already considered a fairy to most people. Looking at the world, there are very few warriors who can reach this realm.
They usually don’t even have the opportunity to see one side, but now, they can actually see the two great congenital realms fighting for great perfection, it is simply a prehistoric grand state!
Therefore, not only the number of live broadcast platforms increased sharply, but also many warriors came to the scene.
The seats are full, it is simply overcrowded.
In addition, high-level officials from many countries have also arrived, all focusing on this game.
It can be said that this is a battle of focus.
If I changed someone else and met so many people watching the game, I would still be a little nervous, but to Lin Ziming, it just didn’t feel like, Gu Jing didn’t wave.
His experience, his psychological quality, and his realm of life have far exceeded his age.
To put it bluntly, even a seventy-year-old man may not be rich in his life experience, and his psychological quality is even more likely to be calmer than him.
Now, apart from his appearance, there are actually no traces of young people on him.
For Johnson, his mentality is not as calm as Lin Ziming’s. Faced with such a grand game, a game focused on the world, his heart is still extremely excited. Although the whole person is nervous, he is more excited. .
This is a battle where he can become famous all over the world, because Lin Ziming is very famous now, as long as he can kill Lin Ziming, then he can definitely be more famous and let everyone remember his name!
And he has a very strong hunch that if he can really beat Lin Ziming, then he can win this Kung Fu Cup with a high probability!
As long as he can win the championship, then he will be able to become a master at the realm of the gods, and truly stand on the pinnacle that humans can reach!
This is what every warrior…No, to be precise, it is what every human being dreams of wanting to do!
There are billions of people in the world, how many people can reach the realm of God?
So at this moment, the blood in his whole body was burning hot, and he was very excited. He clenched his fists, only feeling that he possessed inexhaustible strength, he could definitely defeat Lin Ziming!
Naturally, these changes in him could not be concealed by Lin Ziming.
But from beginning to end, Lin Ziming didn’t have too many expression changes on his face. He was always the expression of Gu Jing Bubo, just like a calm pool of water, with little change, and people couldn’t see him coming back. I was thinking about something in my heart.
Finally, after the bell rang, the game officially began.
But they didn’t take the shot right away, but Johnson stepped up unhurriedly. He now has the initial tension and fear on his face, but more excitement and confidence. He thinks he can definitely defeat Lin Zi. Ming’s.

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