A Life Upside Down

Chapter: 1730

In his eyes, even Lin Ziming has become his stepping stone image.
He began to say: “Lin Ziming, you will definitely lose in this battle!”
Lin Ziming smiled faintly, “You didn’t choose to surrender? It seems that you have confidence in yourself.”
All the audience on the field thought that Lin Ziming and Johnson would definitely have a fierce battle, but they didn’t expect that after the bell rang, the two of them actually didn’t have the first time to take action, but they talked leisurely. .
Especially for those Chinese warriors, there is still some disappointment in their mood. In their imagination, Lin Ziming rushed out like an arrow after the bell rang, not giving Johnson a chance to surrender at all. With a force of destruction, he crushed Johnson and directly killed Johnson.
But the result was this, which greatly exceeded their expectations.
The senior officials of many countries in the spectator stand are also looking forward to this battle.
Moreover, in this battle, even the father and son Shangguan Wei’an came over. Beside them, there were many black bodyguards, and each of them had extraordinary strength.
There is also a middle-aged man who looks very ordinary and dark-skinned. Even if he is wearing a suit, he can’t change his old farmer’s aura.
But because of his presence, it seems that Shangguan Wei’an and his son are very safe.
He is not someone, he is the little warrior who Lin Ziming has met once, he is actually Shangguan’s bodyguard.
And beside Shangguan’s stalwart, there are many high-level officials from other countries, among them there are several blond white-eyed white people. They looked at the vigorous Johnson on the ring, and a foreigner said: “Mr. Shangguan, this battle, it seems Your country in China is about to lose another talent.”
His tone was full of confidence and arrogance, and he had absolute confidence in Johnson.
Shangguan Wei’an brows lightly, revealing a meaningful smile, and said: “Really, Mr. Tsolang, you have confidence in your country’s players?”
“Of course, Johnson is a genius in our country. He has completed many impossible tasks for our country.” Tesolang said proudly: “Our country has a series of very successful spy films. China is very popular in China, and it is the idol of many people in China. The protagonist is based on Johnson.”
After listening to Shangguan Wei’an, his eyes flashed a little uncomfortable. Obviously he also knows this series of special agent movies, which are indeed very popular in China, and it can be said that they are relatively popular all over the world.
But the protagonist is actually Johnson, which he didn’t expect.
Originally, he had absolute confidence in Lin Ziming, but now, he began to hesitate a little.
This game is very important, if Lin Ziming really loses, then Hua Guo really has no face.
However, at this moment, the little Valkyrie, who had been talking, did speak, “The two of them are not of the same level. There is no suspense in this battle.”
Because he spoke the Chinese language, Tsolang and others could not hear it.
After the translation was over, they all laughed, thinking that Little Valkyrie was shit, and Johnson was a super agent and a super master in their country. How could he not be a mere Chinese opponent?
However, how long did their voices last, in the ring, the battle began…

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