A Life Upside Down

Chapter: 1731

It was Johnson who made the shot first.
He deliberately approached Lin Ziming, then used words to provoke Lin Ziming, and at the same time, he wanted to test if Lin Ziming had fallen below the realm.
But after his observation, he found that Lin Ziming did indeed have the strength he had before, at least in terms of pressure, it was far from putting him under the same pressure before!
Therefore, after he found Lin Ziming’s flaws, he took the first shot and launched the most fierce attack on Lin Ziming.
And he discovered that Lin Ziming hadn’t noticed him suddenly in trouble, and he was still standing there stupidly, and he didn’t react at all. For him, this was an eternal opportunity!
As long as he defeats Lin Ziming, then he has a good chance to win the Kung Fu Cup this time and become a god in one fell swoop!
The people under the ring had been tense all the time. They all focused their attention on Lin Ziming. Now they saw that Lin Ziming had no reaction, and they immediately raised their hearts.
Yang Guiying was the first to call out, “No! Master, his old man, seems to be distracted and he doesn’t react!”
Ouyang Yanran on the side also clenched her fist tightly, her face full of worry.
They were not the only ones with the same expression. Many people were also sweating for Lin Ziming.
As for those foreign warriors, it was another reaction. They all cheered up. As long as Johnson can kill Lin Ziming, then China will be completely withered, and if it loses its threat, it will become a laughing stock. In this way, the strong in their country will have a greater chance of winning.
However, at this moment, Johnson’s fist was about to hit Lin Ziming’s face, but Lin Ziming still didn’t react, as if he was really stunned.
Bang it.
Johnson’s fist really hit Lin Ziming’s face, and the sound of fisting to the flesh, spread throughout the audience.
Hearing this voice, all the people present suddenly couldn’t help but feel a throb in their hearts.
Anyone who knows a little about human injuries will know that the easiest thing to ko during a fight is to punch in the face and be knocked out in minutes.
And Johnson, as a master of Dzogchen in the Innate Realm, his fist must be very heavy and heavy, even a piece of iron can be punched a hole! But Lin Ziming actually got a punch from Johnson, it is conceivable that Lin Ziming must be ko!
But for Johnson, he was originally surprised because he hit with this punch, but then, almost in an instant, he realized something was wrong, because his punch only hit Lin Ziming’s Just cheeks.
His fist strength did not hit Lin Ziming. It felt like he hit the cotton with a punch. In other words, Lin Ziming didn’t suffer any harm at all!
Realizing this, he immediately began to numb his scalp, “No!”
He already had no time to think about why he would not hit Lin Ziming with this punch at such a close distance. In his line of sight, he saw Lin Ziming’s face, which was originally Gu Jing Bubo, and it began to bloom. A meaningful smile came out.
And immediately, he heard a sentence, “Are you ready to die?”
Hearing these words, an unprecedented fear appeared in Johnson’s heart. He didn’t have any more reactions. He turned around and wanted to run away, staying far away from Lin Ziming!
Because he felt a prehistoric prehistoric crisis, he completely lost the idea of ​​resistance, only the idea of ​​running away.

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