A Life Upside Down

Chapter: 1732

His movements are already very fast, and he has already opened a distance of one meter in almost zero and one second.
However, for Lin Ziming, this little distance is no different from zero distance.
Everyone in the audience was still immersed in Lin Ziming’s punch by Johnson. When he was about to be ko, Lin Ziming already reached out his hand, and the speed was so fast that even the most powerful camera in the world could not capture it. The speed of arrival, like a moment, grabbed Johnson by the neck and lifted his tall body alive.
Immediately afterwards, he showed a cruel smile on his face and said, “You gave the order to kill all the warriors in China?”
“no, do not want……”
Johnson was extremely frightened, he didn’t even react, he was already pinched by Lin Ziming, this kind of gap, this kind of powerlessness, he had never encountered it before!
He began to realize that Lin Ziming had no falling realm at all. On the contrary, Lin Ziming was stronger and more invincible. In other words, Lin Ziming had already digested the general situation this time!
Lin Ziming now has absolutely surpassed the innate realm of Dzogchen, and has truly stepped into the half-step realm of the gods!
The strong at this level is no longer what he can resist.
When he saw Lin Ziming’s cold gaze, he was scared, really scared.
At the same time, he regrets in his heart, why should he be self-blind, why not surrender as soon as he goes on the court, now he has no chance to surrender!
He also resented Romere, this beast, if it were not for his instigation, he would not be so arrogant, he would take his own life.
From the look in Lin Ziming’s eyes, Johnson saw all murderous intent. He knew that Lin Ziming was going to kill him.
But he is not reconciled, he still doesn’t have enough to live, and he still has a great and wonderful life, waiting for him to enjoy it, how can he be willing to die!
So even if Lin Ziming held his throat tightly, he still shouted, “Lin Ziming, don’t kill me…please…”
He was already begging, as long as Lin Ziming let him go, he would be willing to betray his country and become Lin Ziming’s dog, he just wanted to live.
Lin Ziming also understood what he meant, but would Lin Ziming let him go?
The answer is obviously no.
The corner of Lin Ziming’s mouth raised, and a cruel and joking smile appeared, “I surrender now? It’s too late.”
As soon as the voice fell, he heard a squeak, and Lin Ziming used his hand slightly, as if he had just made a very understatement, and John Sun’s neck was chopped off by him!
Moreover, this voice clearly reached the ears of the audience.
Let the audience who were originally noisy, worried about Lin Ziming, and everyone excited for Johnson, all quiet at this moment.
It looks a little weird.
Especially in the spectator stand, Tsoran, who had a composure and boasted about Johnson, now saw this scene on the ring and his brain exploded.

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