A Life Upside Down

Chapter: 1733

As a master of Innate Realm Dzogchen, his vitality is extremely powerful, so even if he was chopped off by Lin Ziming, he did not die on the spot. Instead, he opened his eyes and looked at Lin Ziming like a ghost. At the same time, his eyes were full of fear, regret, unwillingness, begging for mercy, panic…
And just on the big screen, he captured a close-up of his face, so that the audience… No, it should be said that the martial artist who watched the live broadcast all over the world saw his expression and understood him at this moment. The emotions in my heart at the moment!
The audience was silent.
It wasn’t until Lin Ziming released Johnson and let Johnson’s body fall on the ring with a bang, and he awakened everyone from the shocked state.
Even if they woke up, they were extremely shocked to Lin Ziming, and for a while, they couldn’t think of any words to describe their current mood.
Among other things, Lin Ziming really shocked them too much.
Although they all knew that Lin Ziming was an absolute strong, he was the strongest in this Kung Fu Cup. However, Lin Ziming was too relaxed just now. The most important thing is that Johnson also punched Lin Ziming first. Now that there is no passing in a second, Lin Ziming has already killed Johnson?
This rapid upheaval really exceeded his reaction.
“you you you……”
Johnson fell to the ground. He clutched his neck tightly, his face was full of horror and pain. He didn’t want to die, he really didn’t want to die, but he also found that his life force was passing by rapidly, and his neck was broken. , Now he has no way to breathe.
His consciousness began to blur gradually.
He stared at Lin Ziming, a hoarse and pleading voice came from his throat, “Help me, help me…”
He knew at this moment that in the whole world, only Lin Ziming could save him.
His appearance was even more arrested by everyone. Now everyone is looking at him directly, as if his brain has lost the ability to function.
Especially the high-ranking members of the beautiful country in the spectator stand are all dumbfounded now, and they can’t recover for a long time. They even suspect that they have hallucinations. I don’t believe that what is happening right now is true.
Because Johnson is the super agent of their beautiful country, super strong! They spent countless amounts of energy and money on Johnson, just to make Johnson a strong man in the realm of gods, to help the beautiful country sit on the throne of the world’s first power.
This time the Kung Fu Cup, they were already in their hands.
But now, the super power in their eyes has been solved so easily by a young man from China, as if he was just killing a chicken?
To be honest, even if they saw it with their own eyes, they couldn’t accept this fact at all.
To them is too subversive and too cruel.
The smile on Tsolang’s face a second ago turned into gloomy and flustered, and the sound from his throat, like a duck pinched by his neck, stopped abruptly.
The whole person looks very funny.
And it happened that his expression was caught by Shangguan Wei’an and others, and he only felt extremely happy and relieved!
There is nothing in this world that is more comfortable and joyful than this kind of face slap.
Shangguan snorted, and said mockingly: “Excuse me Mr. Tsolang, what did you say just now? Is this Johnson the super power in your beautiful country? How come you were so easily beaten to death by our warriors? ”
It’s really refreshing for this kind of beating a dog in the water.

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