A Life Upside Down

Chapter: 1734

Other senior Chinese officials are also very happy now. They have long looked down upon Tsolang. Because of the international relations, they have no way of tearing up their faces.
Now Tsolang has finally fully reacted, his face is ugly to the extreme, as black as carbon.
Facing Shangguan’s stalwart ridicule, he subconsciously wanted to go back to the past, but he had no resources to go back, so he could only snorted heavily, broke his teeth and swallowed in his stomach, and finally said dryly. In one sentence, “You have better luck as a Chinese warrior.”
“Really?” Shangguan’s stalwart is not strange to Tsolang’s face.
Looking back on the ring again, Lin Ziming did not continue to attack Johnson, because he knew that Johnson was dead.
So he just stood on the ring, looked at Johnson condescendingly, and watched Johnson die in pain and regret.
At the same time, the depression in his heart was partially released, and he secretly said, “Instructor Xiao, Yao Wei, many compatriots who died on the ring, have you seen it? I am avenging you. You can rest in peace. Johnson is the first, and there will be a second one to accompany you soon…”
After taking a deep breath, Lin Ziming’s mood relaxed a lot after seeing Johnson with his eyes distracted and his breath completely stopped.
He could also clearly feel that after he himself killed Johnson and avenged Xiao Cangmang and others, his heart was dredged a lot, and his spirit became more brisk and clear.
He knew that although he avoided the general backlash under the means of his grandfather, and reached the half-step magical realm, his deep regrets could not be made up for.
Only when he personally killed the villains like Johnson can he be truly released, and at that time, his strength will usher in a breakthrough!
And this breakthrough may be the real God-Throughout Realm!
At this moment, the audience was still silent, and at the next moment, a huge wave broke out.
“Instructor Lin has won! Hahaha, Instructor Lin has won! With every gesture, he killed the incredible Johnson!”
“Instructor Lin is too powerful. Killing this Johnson is like pinching a chicken to death. It is simply vulnerable, hahahaha…”
“It’s so cool, so cool! I know that Instructor Lin will definitely not let us down! Instructor Lin is invincible, and instructor Lin breathed out a nasty breath for us!!”
“Instructor Lin is invincible, long live instructor Lin!!”
“From now on, Instructor Lin will be my idol. Whoever speaks ill of Instructor Lin in the future will be my enemy!!”
“Finally waited until this day, my country of China also had a day of torturing and killing each other’s warriors, it was so cool!!”
The Chinese martial artists in the audience broke out a huge sensation at this moment, and they all looked at Lin Ziming excitedly.
At this moment, they regarded Lin Ziming as a god and a hero, and their worship of Lin Ziming had reached an extreme level.
Many people even burst into tears, unable to suppress the excitement in their hearts, and cried.
Moreover, this painful emotion has infected many people and made many people cry.
It’s not that their tears are too low, but that they waited too long for this day.
Not to mention these warriors from the folk, they are Peng Zhuo, Li Dao, Zhao Xia, and General Qin. Now they can’t help but their eyes are red, looking at the ring tightly, standing like a javelin. the man.

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