A Life Upside Down

Chapter: 1738

Even if he faced a super master, he didn’t panic before.
During his stunned effort, he was hugged by several female warriors, and these female warriors were very excessive, with very dishonest hands, and took advantage of him.
It made him blush all at once, too embarrassed.
In terms of his strength, it is very simple to break free from the embrace of these female warriors, but it will hurt the other party, so that he will be embarrassed and can only stay there, feeling at a loss.
“Hey, get out of here, don’t hold me… I can’t be taught by men and women… Lesbians, please be decent…”
But what he said is too powerless for these crazy female warriors, causing these people to ignore her at all, and continue to take advantage of him happily.
This scene made the male warriors look extremely envious, but it wasn’t Lin Ziming who envied Lin Ziming, but the female warriors, who could actually embrace Instructor Lin and eat instructor Lin’s tofu!
Damn it, I knew they had started a little earlier!
Just when Lin Ziming was helpless and didn’t know what to do, a voice finally rang.
“Hey! What are you all doing, get out of here!”
This voice was very pungent, sounded in everyone’s ears, and it was also full of anger and majesty, which immediately shocked the unscrupulous female warriors.
Immediately afterwards, there was a heroic woman who walked over in strides, her face full of majesty and seriousness, which was quite scary.
“What are you doing, do you know how shameful you are! In broad daylight, you actually hold a man like this! Get out of me!”
This woman Balabala talked a lot, her language was sharp, and she immediately embarrassed the female warriors, and quickly let go of Lin Ziming.
Lin Ziming breathed a sigh of relief.
It was finally liberated. It was really torment to be held by so many female warriors just now. The key point is that these female warriors are not honest. At this moment, his tofu will be eaten up.
It was so sturdy, a layer of cold sweat broke out on his forehead.
This woman is not someone, it is Yang Guiying. Now she is frowning and looking very angry, making people seem to misunderstand that she is Lin Ziming’s wife, and that’s why these female warriors are scared.
However, when Yang Guiying came over and Lin Ziming was about to say thank you, Yang Guiying opened her arms and dashed into Lin Ziming’s arms, hugged Lin Ziming tightly, and said loudly. Shouting: “Master, I love you! You were so handsome just now!! I’m not good Master, you marry me! I will follow you in my life!!!”
Lin Ziming: “…………”
His whole body stiffened, and the corners of his mouth were constantly twitching, and he was stabbed by Yang Guiying!
This guy is not here to rescue him, but also to take advantage of him!
And even more than those female warriors! !
Sure enough, after the female warriors heard this, they were also dumbfounded. What’s the situation? Isn’t this woman who looks very dominatrix, instructor Lin’s wife?
They feel distressed as much as they feel that they have been cheated and have lost millions.
Lin Ziming is very embarrassed now. Yang Guiying hangs on him like a koala and keeps rubbing his face. This is simply too much!
When Lin Ziming reacted, his face turned green, and he quickly scolded: “What are you doing! How decent! How decent! Get me down!”

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