A Life Upside Down

Chapter: 1739

But isn’t it? Yang Guiying is not a lot of little girls, but a beautiful woman with a very hot body. It is too improper to hang on him like this.
Especially in front of so many people, he was embarrassed by the crowd.
Quickly threw Yang Guiying away, staring at her fiercely.
Now he is not an ordinary person, he is the real focal point. I don’t know how many people’s eyes are on him. He also represents the face of China. This way, he has been spread out, and there is no telling about his disciples. People’s secrets, can you get them?
Yang Guiying was still reluctant. She wanted to hug Lin Ziming. Lin Ziming stared at him. Yang Guiying felt that Lin Ziming was not joking. She was really angry. She also narrowed her mouth and didn’t dare. Continue to take advantage of Lin Ziming.
Others looked at Yang Guiying enviously, and at the same time they were full of hostility towards Yang Guiying. This is their rival in love.
Ouyang Yanran is behind Yang Guiying, she is also looking at Lin Ziming closely now. Just now she saw that Yang Guiying could hug Lin Ziming. She was still very envious. I had known that she should not be so reserved just now, she should be like Yang Guiying. It’s okay to throw directly into Lin Ziming’s arms, now it’s good, missed the opportunity.
Lin Ziming coughed twice, and said with a serious face, “What are you all stuck here for?”
Immediately, the female warriors babbled: “Instructor Lin, let’s come over and cheer for you.”
“Yes, instructor Lin, you were so handsome just now, you are our idol!”
“Instructor Lin, please sign for us, please.”
“Instructor Lin…”
Listening to the enthusiasm of these female warriors, Lin Ziming felt a headache. He had never encountered such a situation before and became a star.
He had no choice but to say: “I am not an idol, just an ordinary person. If you want to chase stars, you should chase those stars.”
His words immediately got the disdain of these female warriors.
“Instructor Lin, who do you look down on, how can we go after those sissy little meat stars? We like you!”
“Yes, instructor Lin, you are our idol. How can those stars compare to you?”
“Don’t say anything, instructor Lin quickly sign for us, just sign it on my chest, hehe…”
As they said, they started to surround Lin Ziming again, trying to take advantage of Lin Ziming, and Lin Ziming couldn’t help but feel a headache when he saw this situation.
How could he have not discovered before, there are still such crazy female fans in the warriors?
Just when he was helpless, Peng Zhuo and the others finally appeared and came to rescue Lin Ziming.
“Instructor Lin, you are…”
Lin Ziming’s eyes lit up, and he said quickly: “Chief Peng, you just came here, I’m going to see you for something, hahaha.”
After speaking, he strode directly to Peng Zhuo and the others, gave them a wink, and then left with them.
After leaving here, he was relieved. He was surrounded by a lot of female warriors just now, but it was really embarrassing for him.
Seeing him like this, Peng Zhuo asked curiously: “Instructor Lin, what was your situation just now?”
Lin Ziming smiled bitterly and said, “Hey, don’t talk about it, it was really scary just now, fortunately you are here.”

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