A Life Upside Down

Chapter: 1741

Lin Ziming immediately felt the look in Tessoran’s eyes and looked at him, and immediately heard Tessoran talking, “Haha, Mr. Shangguan, you are indeed a good warrior in China.”
Shangguan Wei’an heard Tsolang’s answer and was taken aback for a moment. He was a little surprised. He and Tsolang had been confessing for many years, and he knew the character of Tsolang. He was a stingy person. According to Tsolang’s reasoning Since a person was killed by Lin Ziming, he would definitely be very annoyed. Why is he laughing now?
This must be problematic, and Shangguan Wei’an is quite sure of this.
However, Shangguan’s stalwartness did not show it, he just smiled and said: “That is, instructor Lin is the strongest among the young generations of our country. Naturally it is very good. On the contrary, it is the so-called super strong in your beautiful country, and the strength is not very good. Ah. Mr. Tsolang, instructor Lin just killed your people so easily, and I didn’t even apologize to you.”
Then he said to Lin Ziming, “Instructor Lin, this is Mr. Tsolang from a beautiful country. He has a great relationship with our country. You made too heavy a move just now, so please say sorry to Mr. Tsolang.”
Lin Ziming naturally knew what Shangguan Weian meant, but he hadn’t thought of Shangguan Wei’an who usually looks very elegant and easy-going, he didn’t even think of having such a side.
At the same time, it also reflects from the side that this Tsolang must be very mean to China at ordinary times. He is always an enemy of China and restricts the development of China. That is why people like Shangguan Weian who are so talkative will become like this.
Lin Ziming was very cooperative and said with a smile: “Mr. Tsolang, I’m sorry, just now I made too heavy a move. Since your country and our country are good countries, you still don’t want to play in the next games. , Lest I keep my hand again.”
Lin Ziming’s words sound very polite, but in fact they are deliberately disgusting Tsolang and murdering the heart.
Sure enough, Tsolang’s face that had recovered a bit of a smile immediately became gloomy again, he snorted heavily, the haze in his eyes flashed by, and soon showed a trademark smirk, and said “Really? You really have blind confidence in yourself. But I don’t bother you to care about things about my beautiful country. You should take care of yourself in the next game! The championship game is not that easy to deal with. In the championship game, but there is no chance of surrender, when you lose your life, it will be bad!”
Facing his’remind’, Lin Ziming just smiled indifferently, and didn’t even put Tsolang in his eyes.
And at this time, Lin Ziming suddenly felt a palpitating heart, and his brain was stabbed fiercely, causing the muscles of his whole body to tighten!
At that moment, he felt that there was a super power at the level of the gods, who exuded hostility to him. In his spiritual world, he felt like a sharp spear pierced his mind heavily. .
If it weren’t for his current mental power, which was strong enough to reach the level of a half-step divine realm, then he would have been embarrassed now.
His reaction was quick and he immediately frowned, and he was ready to go, like a cheetah ready to hunt!
At this moment, I only heard Tsolang smile and say: “Mr. Adam told me just now that he is very interested in Instructor Lin. When I write to find out, I will meet with Instructor Lin.”
Hearing these words, Shangguan Wei’an’s expression suddenly became serious!
Not only him, but many senior officials in China also frowned, looking at Tsolang tightly as if facing an enemy, his face no longer relaxed.
When Lin Ziming heard these words, he also frowned slightly. Although he hadn’t seen Adam in Beautiful Country, he had heard of it.
This is the master of the God Realm in the beautiful country, and the strongest in the beautiful country. I heard that the strength is still above the military god!

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