A Life Upside Down

Chapter: 1743

The simple truth is that Adam is the powerhouse of the beautiful valley, and he represents the strongest combat power on this earth. If Adam really wants to kill, then everyone present has no way to escape him. The hunt!
Even the top leaders of these countries cannot be spared.
Regardless of the high-levels of them, they have a lot of bodyguards with them, but for Adam, they are indistinguishable from the paper tigers.
And if Adam really wants to make a move, then the high-levels of these countries are really in danger.
The most frightening thing is that Adam had done this kind of thing before. There was a high-level countryman who was directly hunted by Adam because he was disobedient at the beginning!
Now on the Kung Fu Cup scene, there are so many high-level officials here. If Adam really makes a move, then they really will not escape.
And once they die, their country will definitely be greatly affected!
How clever Lin Ziming is, he instantly thought of the key.
Especially Shangguan Wei’an, his muscles all over his body are tightening now. In this situation, he is very nervous, not because he is afraid of death, but if he dies, it will definitely have a great impact on China.
It’s not that they were too careless, but it was agreed between the countries themselves. Those who are strong in the realm of God cannot enter other countries rashly without permission, otherwise it will be regarded as a provocation!
Logically speaking, Adam of the beautiful country should not enter China rashly without telling China. In a sense, this behavior is very severe!
Just like the military god of China, he cannot rush into the territory of the beautiful country without the permission of the beautiful country. If he is discovered, then the military god will also be held accountable!
But now, Adam actually bypassed China directly and entered China directly. How could he not make China nervous.
Suddenly, Shangguan Wei’an frowned deeply and said in a deep voice: “Mr. Tsolang! What do you mean by the beautiful country? Without telling us about China, let Adam come in. It’s the scene of the Kung Fu Cup. What are you guys doing! Do you want to challenge China!!”
Others are also staring at Tsolang. This is already offensive to the principles of Hua Guo, too deceptive, not only did they put Hua Guo in their eyes, but they did not put the God of China in their eyes. In the eyes!
In the past, in the international community, the friction between the beautiful country and the state of China was fine, but now that the beautiful country came directly to do so, it is no wonder that the state of China is so angry.
Lin Ziming also stared at Tsolang coldly, and at the same time his consciousness unfolded, looking for the breath of Adam, he wanted to find out the location of Adam.
If Adam really wants to make a move, then he must stand up to stop it! Even if he is not Adam’s opponent, he is just a maniac blocking the car.
Tsolang saw this situation. China, which has always been weak internationally, has such a tough side. He waved his hand and said, “Don’t be nervous, don’t be nervous. Mr. Adam came to China without any hostility. ”
Shangguan did not easily raise his eyes, and said in a deep voice: “This is not a question of hostility, but that his actions have already punished the international agreement! Mr. Tsolang, you are responsible for this!”
It was not easy for Shangguan to say that it was very tough, making Tsolang and the others frowned slightly, a little surprised. Obviously, they did not expect Hua Guo to be so tough.
However, Tsolang also has a headache now, because he didn’t know that Adam would come to China suddenly, and Adam didn’t say hello to him in advance.

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