A Life Upside Down

Chapter: 1744

In fact, a master of Adam’s level does not take him seriously and is not under his control.
“This one……”
Just as Tsolang was a little embarrassed, a voice rang.
“Hahaha, friends from China, how can you be so courageous? But it’s very disappointing.”
Hearing this voice, Lin Ziming was the first to react, and he immediately looked at that place.
Suddenly he saw a tall, handsome, and very young man walking out of the crowd.
He wore a western priest-like costume, which seemed a little out of step with this era, but when worn on his body, it seemed incomparably appropriate and complemented each other. It seems that he should wear this kind of clothing by nature.
And the most important thing is that his temperament actually brought some’God’ breath, as if he was really Adam, the son of God.
As a powerful person in the God Realm, he didn’t have the aura of a powerful warrior, but it was very soft, like a Western god.
Lin Ziming knew in an instant that this handsome white man was Adam, a master of the God Realm in Beautiful Country!
Others can’t see it, but for Lin Ziming, he immediately felt the monstrous aura on Adam’s body. His spirit was extremely vigorous, and he had far surpassed the masters of Innate Realm Dzogchen. There is no one level at all!
And the most important thing is that although Adam is walking, there is no dust around him, as if his whole person is detached from the world.
It can be seen that Adam’s realm has reached an unpredictable level.
Even Lin Ziming still has a feeling that the strength of this Adam is even more powerful than that of the military god Huangpu Dao!
Adam’s coming out immediately attracted the attention of everyone in the spectator stand.
When Lin Ziming was only tensing his nerves and waiting in full battle, but for those high-level bodyguards from various countries, they were directly frightened by Adam, and directly took out their pistols and pointed them at Adam, as if they were facing an enemy.
Even Peng Zhuo and Li Dao are staring at Adam nervously now, and immediately take action whenever there is a disturbance.
Tsolang saw Adam, he immediately laughed, and walked towards Adam in stride, with some flattery on his face, and proactively greeted him, “Mr. Adam, I didn’t expect you to have really come to China. Why? Don’t say hello to me first? I can drive you over, haha.”
Tsolang is also an old fritters. He deliberately said that he didn’t know the news of Adam’s coming, so he first set aside the relationship.
Adam smiled faintly, even when facing Tsolang, he was not respectful, and nodded as a greeting.
Then his gaze was drawn across the faces of Shangguan Wei’an and others. The expression was full of arrogance, and he didn’t even put them in his eyes.
Soon, his eyes were on Lin Ziming…

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