A Life Upside Down

Chapter: 1745

Lin Ziming was stared at by his gaze, and immediately felt an unprecedented pressure.
As if the space around him had been shackled, even his thoughts stopped running at this moment.
Even if he knew that Adam was in the realm of the gods, and his strength was above him, but Adam could feel such a great pressure with a single look, he was still a little surprised!
You know, he is not a great master of innate realm like Romer and Junichiro Zhongjing, but he has already broken through to the half-step magic realm, and he is still unable to withstand Adam’s one. Look.
In this way, Adam’s strength is still far above him.
However, he also felt that this Adam’s realm should be higher than the military god, but compared to Luo Tiansheng Wang, it seemed to be a little worse.
When Lin Ziming was in Luo Tian’s organization, he met the Holy King Luo Tian once… No, it should be said that he had not seen a real person. It was only in the palace of the Holy King Luo Tian, ​​but he also felt the Holy King Luo Tian. The coercion, like the heavens, seems to be Biyadang even stronger.
When other people saw that Adam’s gaze had already shifted to Lin Ziming, they immediately breathed a sigh of relief. Nothing else, it was true that Adam had put too much pressure on them.
As long as Adam has a slight act of recklessness, they are estimated to be conditioned to shoot immediately.
And once the shot is fired, the nature becomes different again.
Fortunately, Adam didn’t seem to have any intention of attacking them, but instead focused on Lin Ziming.
But for the senior officials in China, there is no relaxation in their hearts, but they are even more tense.
If Adam really wanted to take action against Lin Ziming, then things would be very bad. You must know that Lin Ziming is the hope of China now. If anything happens to Lin Ziming, it will be a huge loss for China.
However, in this situation, they are not easy to say anything, they can only stand in battle and stare at Adam closely. If Adam is acting rashly, they will consider making a move!
“Are you the number one master in China?”
When Adam spoke, he actually spoke fluent Chinese. It didn’t sound like he had any accent. What’s the difference between what a native Chinese said.
For a powerful person in the psychic realm, learning the language of a country is a very easy task, and it is not a novel thing.
Faced with Adam’s pressure, Lin Ziming didn’t have a hint of nervousness or panic. He seemed very calm, even talkative, and said with a smile: “It seems that you know me well.”
Everyone saw that Lin Ziming was so calm, even in the face of Adam, they didn’t show even the slightest timidity, and they couldn’t help but admire Lin Ziming.
If it were them, it would definitely not be so calm. You must know that this is a powerful person in the realm of God, and it is still a beautiful country. If Adam really wants to make a move, I believe Lin Ziming has no way to resist it.
If the army god and his old man are here, forget it. The problem is that the army god has not been on the scene. It can be said that the life and death of Lin Ziming is in Adam’s hands.
For Lin Ziming’s performance, it was also appreciated by senior officials in other countries. Although Lin Ziming was their competitor, he had to admit that young people like Lin Ziming were really rare.
There was also some appreciation in Adam’s eyes, even though he looked so young on the surface, in fact, he was already quite young.

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