A Life Upside Down

Chapter: 1747

Sure enough, Adam’s face became gloomy, and he took a step forward again, staring at Lin Ziming, and said threateningly: “Chinese, are you provoking me?!”
Facing Adam’s anger, the others present became even more tense and taut. They all wanted to apologize for Lin Ziming, and don’t provoke Adam. This is a master of the God Realm!
However, Lin Ziming didn’t seem to know Adam’s horror. He still smiled and said, “How do you want to see this.”
Adam’s face was even more ugly, and the whole person exuded an aura of turbulent waves. In the spiritual world of all the people in the spectator stand, they all began to plunge into darkness, as if they were facing the end of the world, making them shiver.
Even thinking began to stagnate!
Shangguan Wei’an and Shangguan Buyi looked at Lin Ziming in surprise. They knew that Lin Ziming was a very good young man, but they were far from expecting that Lin Ziming was so courageous. Dare to be so arrogant!
They didn’t know how to describe Lin Ziming for a while, this couldn’t be described as arrogance!
Many people at the Kung Fu Cup site also began to notice this scene and became quiet for a while.
But Lin Ziming, as the person involved, still couldn’t feel the horror of Adam, and looked at Adam with a smile.
Regarding Lin Ziming’s performance, although everyone thought that Lin Ziming was playing with fire, deep down, he had to admire Lin Ziming’s courage.
Especially Peng Zhuo and the others of the innate realm martial artist, because they understand more how difficult it is for a person to resist the coercion of a strong god realm, but Lin Ziming did it.
If nothing else, just this courage is not something ordinary people can do.
Therefore, they also understood more and more why Lin Ziming was able to get this far.
“Hua Guo, you are so bold! Do you really think I dare not punish you?!” Adam said this, as if a god descended to the earth to judge Lin Ziming, a mortal who committed a crime.
He called himself Adam, the son of God, and treated himself as a god.
But now that a mortal Lin Ziming dares to disobey him, even provoke him, how can he not irritate him!
You know, the gap between the God-passing realm and the Xiantian realm is extremely huge. In the eyes of all the powers of the God-passing realm, under the God-passing realm, they are all mortals and ants, even if Lin Ziming’s realm has reached half a step. God Realm, as long as Lin Ziming doesn’t really step into the God Realm one day, it will still be an ant.
Now the ants actually provoke and offend God, which is absolutely unacceptable to the proud Adam.
When Adam was crushed by the stormy waves, Lin Ziming once again felt the tremendous pressure, and for a moment his mind was a bit unable to work.
But he still endured, using the pressure Adam gave him to continue to temper his will and his spirit.
Lin Ziming smiled again, “Really, what are you waiting for?”
This is no longer as simple as a provocation, but an absolute offense and contempt!
Everyone was completely speechless about Lin Ziming’s act of committing death.
Whether it is Shangguan Wei’an, Peng Zhuo, Li Dao or other senior officials in China, they are holding their breath and sweating for Lin Ziming.

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