A Life Upside Down

Chapter: 1748

You must know that although Adam came to China privately without notifying China, it violated the agreement, but even so, China still has no way to deal with Adam.
And now Adam, as a master of the God-Communication Realm, really killed Lin Ziming in front of Lin Ziming, so Lin Ziming also had no way of doing it.
And everyone who knows Adam knows that Adam is a face-loving person. Lin Ziming offended him in front of so many people and already touched Adam’s inverse scales.
So Lin Ziming’s situation is very dangerous, he will be beaten to death by Adam at any time!
But Lin Ziming, as the person involved, didn’t know how big a mistake he had already committed, and he was still smiling, really suffocating countless people.
The atmosphere suddenly became strangely embarrassed.
Many foreign warriors now straighten their necks one by one, hoping that Adam can slap Lin Ziming to death with one palm. In this way, Hua Guo will be completely stunned!
Nakike Junichiro and the others are the most excited.
“Hahaha, Lord Adam actually came to China, this is great! Lin Ziming, an idiot, doesn’t know the sky and earth, dare to provoke Lord Adam, he is looking for death!”
“Lin Ziming is going to be unlucky now. Anyone who knows Lord Adam knows Lord Adam’s character, he is notoriously irritable. And Johnson is Lord Adam’s disciple, now Lin Ziming must be dead!”
“Absolutely dead! With the temper of Lord Adam, Lin Ziming can be slapped to death with one slap.”
“He Lin Ziming thought that he could cross the world by breaking through half a step into the God-passing realm? In front of the real God-passing realm master, it was just an ant.”
All of them were gloating, thinking that Lin Ziming must be dead.
These days, Lin Ziming was like a big mountain, blocking them over their heads, making them all breathless. Now that Adam was on the stage, he could finally help them level Lin Ziming.
As long as Lin Ziming dies, they still have a great chance to win the Kung Fu Cup championship!
It was at this time that everyone in the audience stared at Adam closely, looking forward to Adam’s shot.
Adam suddenly laughed, and stretched out his hand, patted Lin Ziming’s shoulder, and said, “It’s a good hero to be a teenager. It’s not bad. You have good courage. I am very optimistic about you.”
The pressure and solemnity on his face was just now, he changed his murderous aura, and now he is just like an elder who appreciates Lin Ziming. There was still a bright smile on his face. This huge change immediately made everyone dumbfounded. Everyone had no idea that they were murderous just now and wanted to punish Adam of Lin Ziming. Why did he change himself in the blink of an eye? Like?
This is totally unscientific!
For Lin Ziming, it was a sigh of relief.
Because he was right, he knew that although Adam was full of murderous intent on him, he would never attack him at the Kung Fu Cup.
Although Adam is also a master at the realm of gods, he is not the only master at the realm of gods in this world.
In the land of China, there are still military gods.
The most important thing is that in addition to the god of war, there is also the lofty Saint King Luo Tian, ​​and his grandfather…

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