A Life Upside Down

Chapter: 1750

And Lin Ziming is not only able to bear it down, but also to resist Adam head-on. What kind of psychological quality is necessary to do this?
But for Zhongjing Junichiro and Black Mamba, it was bad news.
“I’m not mistaken, Lord Adam actually let Lin Ziming go? This…”
“This is unscientific! Lord Adam is a powerhouse at the realm of the gods, Lord Adam can press Lin Ziming to death with a single finger!”
“Hi…Is this Lin Ziming really that scary?”
These innate realm Dzogchen masters, now they can’t keep their composure anymore, all of them are terribly shocked, even their scalp tingling.
As the person concerned, Lin Ziming only smiled faintly on his face, not surprised, as if he was not too concerned about what happened just now, and for him, it was just a small matter.
It is precisely because of his calmness that everyone present admires and admires him even more.
It can be said that Lin Ziming is almost stepping on Adam’s body.
Regarding this point, Adam’s face is very ugly, but he also has no other actions. He can feel that there is the gaze of a powerhouse of the spirit realm. He noticed here. If he really does something against Lin Ziming, then this spirit is better. A master of the environment will also take action against him.
And if there is a fight, then he will suffer a lot.
After all, Hua Guo has more than one master of the God Realm!
However, in his mind, Lin Ziming had also become a dead man, and when this Kung Fu Cup was over, he would kill Lin Ziming anyway.
It wasn’t just because of Lin Ziming’s disrespect to him just now, but more because of Lin Ziming’s talent and threat.
Such a young half-step master of the God Realm is simply unheard of. Once Lin Ziming breaks through to the God Realm, it will be difficult for him to still want to kill Lin Ziming.
Of course, for him, he would not show this murderous intent, so even Lin Ziming didn’t feel his murderous intent.
This incident did not have much impact on the progress of the Kung Fu Cup, and soon the Kung Fu Cup began to return to normal order.
Today’s Lin Ziming’s game is over, next is the ranking game among other innate realm masters.
There must be 70 innate masters who are still on the list. The top sixty-four will be produced first, the top thirty-two will be produced, the top sixteen, and the top eight will stay together. Go to the championship.
The last remaining strong is the champion of this Kung Fu Cup.
Not many don’t admit it, although this system is very unfair, it is also the most exciting for the Kung Fu Cup.
The last Kung Fu Cup champion was in the quarter-finals, with strong strength, defeated other opponents in one fell swoop, and won the championship trophy! !
However, in this Kung Fu Cup, Lin Ziming’s dominance is much stronger than the previous champion.
As long as there is no accident, then Lin Ziming is definitely the champion.
Next, the Kung Fu Cup went on for two more days, and Lin Ziming also participated in two games. There was no suspense. He defeated his opponent in an absolutely crushing posture.
Moreover, the opponent didn’t have time to surrender, so he had already solved it.
Finally, the three days of the game passed, and to the last day, the most highly anticipated quarterfinals, the championship game!

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