A Life Upside Down

Chapter: 1751

“Everyone is looking forward to it! The Kung Fu Cup, which has attracted the attention of the world, finally ushered in the final quarter-finals, the championship. Today, who is the true champion will be determined!”
“It’s finally ushered in this day, and the eyes of the global warriors are focused on the Chinese Kung Fu Cup! Who is the last champion of the Kung Fu Cup this time? Is it the only Chinese warrior Lin Ziming, or Middle view Junichiro from Sun Country, or…”
“This year’s Kung Fu Cup, the degree of excitement, is known as the best in a century!”
“Today, the Kung Fu Cup will usher in the most intense collision!”
“According to reliable information, the Chinese martial artist Lin Ziming is the favorite to win this Kung Fu Cup!”
“Lin Ziming’s realm has reached the half-step psychic realm. If nothing else, the champion of this Kung Fu Cup will win Hua Guo!”
In the major forums where only warriors can log in, the trends of today’s championship are discussed everywhere.
Lin Ziming is naturally the biggest favorite to win this Kung Fu Cup. Even the biggest banker in the world is optimistic about Lin Ziming. He believes that Lin Ziming has a 90% or more chance of winning, so he offered Lin Ziming the odds. Is the lowest.
In addition, there are other people’s information. In addition to Lin Ziming, the second favorite to win the championship is Romer. After he has been in the ring twice, someone has already recognized him. He is the super killer Romer who disappeared two years ago.
This time Nirvana comes back, and there is also great hope of winning the championship.
It can be said that on this day, the warriors of the whole world began to boil, and there are even many warriors who completed the formalities in advance and flew to China to watch this grand game live!
On every major page, Lin Ziming and the other seven innate realm Dzogchen masters were posted with very comprehensive information.
It can be said that this is a martial arts carnival.
Lin Ziming got up very early. When he walked out of the room, he could find that there were already a lot of people standing by his door, all of them cheering for him.
“Look, instructor Lin is out!”
As soon as he came out, he immediately attracted everyone’s attention and surrounded him one after another.
Lin Ziming smiled bitterly when he saw this battle. For him, he was really not used to this high profile.
It was Lin Ziming who was obviously going to play today, but these people were more excited and nervous than him. There were even a lot of people with dark circles. At first glance, they didn’t sleep well last night.
“Don’t be so exaggerated?” Lin Ziming gave a wry smile.
Immediately someone shouted loudly: “Instructor Lin, you must come on! We are all optimistic about you!”
“Yes, instructor Lin, you want to show off our Chinese style!”
“Instructor Lin, come on, beat those opponents to the bottom of the water! Promote my Chinese prestige! Come on!”
“I believe instructor Lin, you can definitely beat these guys out!”
“Instructor Lin, I love you, I want to give birth to a monkey for you!”
Seeing the enthusiasm of these compatriots, Lin Ziming was helpless, but he was more moved. At this moment, he felt that he was not alone. Behind him, there were many people fighting alongside him.
He smiled, raised his hand and pressed down. When everyone saw his movement, they immediately calmed down, showing their immense respect and admiration for him.

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