A Life Upside Down

Chapter: 1752

“Thank you for your concern. I will not disappoint you today. I will win the Kung Fu Cup and give China a sigh of relief.” Lin Ziming said loudly.
In fact, what he said was not very loud, but it was full of power and made people sound full of security.
“Instructor Lin is mighty and domineering!”
“Trust Instructor Lin!!”
At this time, Peng Zhuo and the others also walked out, smiled at Lin Ziming, said hello, and then said: “Instructor Lin, the glory of China will be handed over to you.”
Lin Ziming nodded and said, “Don’t worry, I will defend the glory of China.”
Next, Lin Ziming was surrounded by the audience and slowly rushed to the Kung Fu Cup scene.
He stood in the front, followed by thousands of people, with a mighty momentum. At this moment, Lin Ziming seemed to have become the leader of China.
Because there is still a period of time before the official championship game, now early in the morning, Lin Ziming and the others will go to have breakfast.
When I arrived at the entrance of the dining hall, I saw it right away. On the other side of the road, a large group of people followed. Among them, the ones who walked in the front were Romer and Junichiro Zhongjing.
They also came over for breakfast in a mighty way to replenish their energy and make final preparations for the next championship game!
At this moment, Lin Ziming met their eyes.
Time began to stop at this moment, and it seemed that lightning flashed in their air.
Lin Ziming saw them, with a faint smile on his face. Although there were many of them, to Lin Ziming, he was no longer an opponent.
But for Romer and others, facing Lin Ziming, they still have tremendous pressure.
Including the thousands of foreign warriors behind them, after seeing Lin Ziming, they also felt an invisible pressure.
Lin Ziming clearly had only one person, but in terms of aura, he completely crushed them, as if he was a man who was in a position to control him.
The pace stopped for a second, Lin Ziming withdrew his gaze from them, and then strode into the dining hall.
Many Chinese martial artists behind, because Lin Ziming took the lead, they all felt a great sense of security. Especially when I felt that these originally incomparable, extremely arrogant foreign martial artists, when facing Lin Ziming, they obviously withered. They are even more excited and proud. You know, this kind of treatment has never happened to them before.
Because the physique of Chinese people is weaker than that of foreigners. For thousands of years, foreigners have been irritated by foreigners, so how can they be as proud as they are now?
So they raised their heads one by one and followed Lin Ziming into the dining hall, but these foreign warriors did not dare to jump in the line like before, so they had to wait honestly for so many Chinese warriors to enter the dining hall. Dare to go in.
“Damn! These damn Chinese people are so arrogant!”
“It’s really annoying, when have we been so angry!”
“I blame Lin Ziming! Why did a backward nation like China give birth to such a terrifying existence as Lin Ziming!”
“Huh, what about Lin Ziming even if he is great? It’s the championship game soon, when the seven major 5s-level abilities besieged him, he will die!”
“Yes, we just wait for Lin Ziming to be killed. As long as Lin Ziming dies, these Chinese people will soon wither!”

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How can 7 fight against Lin Zimming when 2 have already been killed by Lin Ziming ? This novel is full of so many mistakes, it’s ridiculous to think that this novel was written by a adult . A adult who didn’t take time to read own story and correct all the mistakes.

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