A Life Upside Down

Chapter: 1753

When they faced Lin Ziming just now, they didn’t even dare to speak. Now they waited for Lin Ziming and others to enter the dining hall before they dared to speak out, and they all spoke indignantly, saying a lot of Lin Ziming. Bad words.
Romer and Junichiro Zhongjing saw this phenomenon, their faces became even more ugly.
In the past, in the international arena, they were the only ones who crushed the Chinese in their aura, while the Chinese were helpless and powerless, and could only complain behind their backs.
But now the incompetent people have become them. This is not a good phenomenon. It shows that China is on the way to rise!
They looked at each other, and they could see the solemnity and determination in the opponent’s eyes. They only had one goal, that is, in the next championship game, even if they do whatever they can, they must kill Lin Ziming by all means!
Only when Lin Ziming was beaten to death did they have the time to turn around, otherwise they would be crushed to death by Lin Ziming.
Even if they were in the ring, even if they didn’t kill Lin Ziming, Lin Ziming would kill them.
Lin Ziming didn’t eat too much, he just filled his stomach.
Then he didn’t have a rest, but returned to the spectator stand and sat next to Shangguan Wei’an.
Shangguan Wei’an smiled and said, “How about it, I didn’t have a good rest last night?”
Lin Ziming smiled and nodded, “I have a good rest.”
“How sure is today’s game?” Shangguan Wei’an asked again, with a smile on his face, but his eyes still showed caution and tension. After all, the champion of this Kung Fu Cup is of great significance to China. .
“Ten percent.” Lin Ziming said concisely.
Hearing Lin Ziming’s self-confidence, Shangguan Wei’an was obviously relieved, patted Lin Ziming’s shoulder, and said, “Well, it is China’s blessing to have talents like you in China.”
Lin Ziming just smiled slightly, noncommittal.
The other senior officials in the Chinese state also greeted Lin Ziming, and they all put their hopes on Lin Ziming.
Facing their encouragement, Lin Ziming was neither humble nor arrogant, showing his confidence appropriately, but he would not appear arrogant.
Not long after, more and more people entered the Kung Fu Cup.
The scene of this Kung Fu Cup is a huge gymnasium, which can accommodate hundreds of thousands of people. It can be said to be a very large scale.
An hour before the championship game, all the seats on the scene were filled, and there were even tens of thousands of people who had no seats, even if they were standing, they had to buy tickets to watch the game.
This is the first time Lin Ziming has encountered such a large scale. It is not enough to be nervous, and there is still a bit of excitement.
After all, such a big scene, such a big momentum, even the most popular international superstar concert, can not reach this scale!
Lin Ziming glanced briefly, and there were almost 200,000 people at the scene, and the dwarf brook was very frightening.
Moreover, none of the people present were ordinary people, they were all warriors.
And high-level officials from various countries also attended the game.
Lin Ziming took a deep breath and took all the excitement and excitement in his heart into his stomach, and then he returned to his normal heart.
Even the accelerated heartbeat has returned to its normal frequency.
This kind of scene, let alone him, even bystanders, can’t help being excited and excited, and even nervous.
After all, this is a super big scene.

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