A Life Upside Down

Chapter: 1756

The black Mamba and others reached the momentum of Junichiro Zhongjing. They all frowned, and some fear flashed in their eyes, and said in a deep voice: “Junichiro Zhongjing’s strength has improved! His aura is better than his participation. Before the Kung Fu Cup, he was a lot stronger. It seems that after losing to Lin Ziming, he didn’t feel depressed, but it aroused his enthusiasm even more.”
Others also nodded, agreeing with this statement, and became even more afraid of Junichiro Zhongjing.
Peng Zhuo, Li Dao and others in the spectator stand also felt Zhongjing Junichiro’s progress. Among them, Peng Zhuo said with a solemn expression: “No! Zhongjing Junichiro is advancing by leaps and bounds, and his strength has reached the innate. At the top of the realm, instructor Lin is in trouble now.”
Zhao Xia waved his hand and said, “I can’t see that Instructor Lin is a half-step master of the gods. Even if Zhongjing Junichiro’s strength improves, he is definitely not an opponent of Instructor Lin.”
Li Dao looked at him and said in a deep voice, “That’s what I said, but you have forgotten that in this championship, instructor Lin’s opponent is not only Zhongjing Junichiro, but also six other innate realm Dzogchen masters! Instructor Lin has already reached the half-step God-passing realm, but after all, it is not the real God-passing realm, and it is still dangerous.”
When other people heard this, they also began to show solemn expressions, because Li Dao was right.
Zhongjing Junichiro felt the shock of everyone present at him, and he was somewhat proud of him. Since he lost to Lin Ziming, he has been dormant for so long, and today he can finally give full play to his strength! He clenched his fist and vowed that he would take revenge and beat Lin Ziming to death!
His current strength is at least half stronger than when he faced Lin Ziming at the beginning, and he also took drugs ahead of time, expending all his potential. Adding to the other six Innate Realm Great Perfection masters, he didn’t believe it anymore, and Lin Ziming could defeat them even this way.
His gaze deliberately looked at Lin Ziming, full of provocation and coldness, but Lin Ziming faced his gaze, and did not make any response to him, he still sat steadily on the spectator stand with no waves on his face. Surprised, it seemed that Junichiro Zhongjing had been completely ignored.
And Lin Ziming’s performance angered Zhongjing Junichiro even more, making him gritted his teeth even more, and snorted heavily. When Lin Ziming came on the court, he was going to kill Lin Ziming severely and let Lin Ziming. Can’t survive can’t survive can’t!
Soon, there will be a second person on the court.
It is a Dzogchen master named Levsky. His figure is extremely tall, he has reached a height of almost two meters, and his body is extremely strong. His arms are even bigger than the thighs of ordinary people. Crude!
He is like a human-shaped polar bear, a beast, just standing there can give people a kind of coercion like a mountain.
His way of playing is different from Junichiro Zhongjing. He also jumped up from the spectator stand, but his movements and posture gave people a strange lightness, as if he had no weight and was a huge ball of cotton. That’s it!
Because he was more than fifty meters away from the ring, he stepped on the heads of a few spectators on the way to the ring. However, he was obviously such a huge body, but he did not trample on the tops of these spectators. On the contrary, Those who have been stepped on can’t even feel that they have been stepped on.
From this we can see how terrifying his light work is, reaching its peak!
Soon he descended on the ring, and it was equally light and fluttering, but where he settled, it was a ring made of stainless steel, and he stepped on a deep footprint!
Everyone who saw this scene shrank their pupils and became even more afraid of Levsky.

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