A Life Upside Down

Chapter: 1757

After Lefsky took the stage, there was still a smile on his face, and he nodded to Junichiro Zhongjing as a greeting, and then he also began to look at Lin Ziming, and directly made a big deal to Lin Ziming. With the thumbs down, his face was full of madness and evil, full of disdain, and even loudly said to Lin Ziming in Chinese: “Lin Ziming, you rubbish, today is your end!”
The audience suddenly became quiet. Obviously, many people did not expect that Levsky, a not-so-famous master of Innate Realm Dzogchen, would actually provoke Lin Ziming.
At this moment, everyone’s eyes began to focus on Lin Ziming, wanting to see how Lin Ziming would react.
When Lin Ziming faced Levsky’s provocation, he didn’t react too much. He drank tea leisurely and ignored Levsky.
He obviously didn’t respond, and logically speaking, his behavior was a bit weak.
However, it was made from Lin Ziming’s body, but it didn’t give people a half-feeling feeling of weakness. On the contrary, it was a kind of heartfelt disdain and contempt.
Sure enough, Lefsky also felt Lin Ziming’s heartfelt disdain and contempt, causing his original mad and evil expression, and the corners of his mouth twitched fiercely!
He originally planned to take advantage of today’s opportunity to taunt Lin Ziming, not only to affect Lin Ziming’s mentality, but also to show the limelight.
But in the end, he never thought that Lin Ziming would ignore him like this, but he was very angry.
He also found himself down the stairs, snorted heavily, and said, “You really start to be scared, hahaha.”
It’s just that his laughter really seemed domineering, on the contrary, it seemed very reluctant, and many people began to laugh at him, especially the warriors on the Chinese side, all of them were ridiculed.
“I’m so ridiculous. With this kind of miscellaneous hair, I am embarrassed to mock Instructor Lin, but instructor Lin didn’t pay attention to him.
“Isn’t it? He doesn’t know what kind of miscellaneous fish it is. He has no reputation at all. Instructor Lin thinks he doesn’t know what his name is, so why would he be ignored?”
“He is not a provocation, but a self-inflicted humiliation, hahaha…”
Lefsky heard these ridicules, and his face became even more ugly.
The hatred for Lin Ziming became even greater. He and Zhongjing Junichiro looked at each other, and they both saw the anger and determination in each other’s eyes. Lin Ziming must be killed, and he didn’t hesitate to do anything.
In the next step, it was Black Mamba, and his way of playing was completely different. I saw that he didn’t jump directly from the spectator stand and he walked down from his seat step by step.
At first glance, he is very influential like this, and he is much weaker than Zhongjing Junichiro and Lefsky in appearance.
However, after he walked more than ten meters, with every step he took, there would be a thump on the ground!
And if there is still no more step, the vibration amplitude will be greater.
Bang bang!
Bang bang bang!
This movement was so loud, as if it were an earthquake, so many people present who thought that the black mamba was not good, now began to feel shocked.
The Black Mamba is no longer a human being, but has become a giant with thousands of tons.
When he walked to the ring, the magnitude of this vibration reached its highest point!
Black Mamba walked to the ring, opened his arms, and immediately someone started yelling off the court.
“black Mamba!”
“black Mamba!”
“black Mamba!!”

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