A Life Upside Down

Chapter: 1759

Facing the hostility of such turbulent waves, even tens of meters away, it could condense into substance, like seven huge sharp blades, stab Lin Ziming fiercely.
Calling hostility is actually a mental storm attack.
Bring huge and incomparable harm to the opponent’s spiritual level!
Even an Innate Realm Dzogchen master of the same realm, in the face of such a situation, such a fierce attack, will be hurt.
Not to mention Lin Ziming, the people who were sitting next to Lin Ziming were also directly shocked.
Some martial artists with no realm of that high are now being stricken under the pond. They are scared to pale, their bodies tremble violently, and their bodies are out of control. The chairs under them are overwhelmed by their own uncontrollable power. Fell to the ground.
He wasn’t the only one who had this situation. It could be said that the people next to Lin Ziming were all shocked.
Even experts like Peng Zhuo and Li Dao shattered their chairs, but they reacted quickly, and they didn’t immediately fall to the ground, maintaining their shape and avoiding embarrassment.
In addition, many senior Chinese officials who were a little farther away were also very scared now. Fortunately, the little Valkyrie reacted the fastest and stood at the forefront in time to resist these mental attacks.
But even so, the little Valkyrie’s face lost his blood, and his face was green. It is conceivable that the pressure he received was extremely huge.
For Lin Ziming, the person involved, on the contrary, nothing happened. Not only did he lose control, he also didn’t move a bit, so he didn’t move, like a mountain like a city.
The expression on his face is the same as usual.
Drinking tea elegantly does not seem to be affected by these mental storms.
It seems that he simply doesn’t have the seven innate realm Dzogchen masters in his eyes.
Everyone in the audience, seeing his reaction, had to admire him. Lin Ziming like this seemed to be too powerful and too safe. Especially for all the Chinese warriors, it is completely a Dinghai Shenzhen.
Finally, after a brief dumbfounded, the host began to come back to his senses and announced loudly: “Next, let us welcome with warm applause, the martial artist from China is also the biggest favorite to win this Kung Fu Cup. Lin Ziming is on the stage!!!”
What he said was extremely passionate and full of inflammatory. It made everyone present sound that the cells were all alive at this moment, and the blood rushed to the top of the head, and immediately, it began to change the atmosphere of the audience. , Pushed to a high point.
Lin Ziming is finally going to play.
Since the start of the Kung Fu Cup, the name Lin Ziming has not stopped overheating. From the beginning, he has become the favorite of this Kung Fu Cup and the undisputed number one powerhouse!
If the Kung Fu Cup is a one-on-one match in accordance with normal fighting rules, then Lin Ziming will become the undisputed champion. No one can be his opponent, and the gap between them is far, far away!
But because the Kung Fu Cup is an international competition, it is also a confrontation between countries, so the championship is not one-on-one, but the quarterfinals. The reason for setting up such a competition system is because it is a collision between countries.
In the past Kung Fu Cup, in fact, in the quarter-finals, it was a warrior contest between three or two countries.
And now, Lin Ziming has singled out the seven innate realm masters and the martial artists of the four powerful nations. This phenomenon has never happened before!
It is also true that this Kung Fu Cup will inevitably be recorded in the annals of history.

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