A Life Upside Down

Chapter: 1763

How did Romel and Junichiro Nakama be so angry! You know, they are not unnamed people, but super powers who are well-known in the world, especially in their country, they are among the best and heroic.
They have always been the only ones threatening others, and they have never been threatened.
But now, Lin Ziming’s appearance really slapped them in the face!
It was obvious that the seven of them surrounded Lin Ziming, but now it was the other way round. Lin Ziming had surrounded the seven of them. This was undoubtedly a big slap to them, making the corners of their mouths crazily twitching!
It’s too disgusting, Lin Ziming is really disgusting, they didn’t feel this kind of anger when they grew up, and it was something they couldn’t bear. Especially in such an important event, warriors from all over the world are looking here.
Junichiro Zhongjing was the first to scold him, “Huh!”
He hummed heavily, as if a thunderbolt exploded above the ring.
“Lin Ziming, you are so arrogant, death is approaching, and you dare to threaten us with wild words!? Do you really think that you are a powerful person in the realm of the gods!”
Hei Mamba also cursed loudly: “Lin Ziming, today is your death date. You are just a half-step master of the gods, and you dare to challenge our seven powerhouses. I think you are a demon! I will give you too. One chance, now you kneel down to us and kowtow fiercely, we can consider letting you go, otherwise, you will die without knowing it!”
Lefsky also blushed. He also had many apprentices and grandchildren watching the game. He was originally a great hero in his own country and an idol of the whole people, among which there were countless apprentices and grandchildren.
This time he came to participate in the Kung Fu Cup, originally with the mission of the country, to win the championship. However, because of Lin Ziming’s appearance, he had robbed him of the limelight. Because of this, he hated Lin Ziming.
But now, Lin Ziming dared to threaten them like this under such an occasion, it is simply unforgivable!
He immediately released his aura, like a violent storm, sweeping the audience, especially his aura, turned into a sharp arrow, fiercely launched towards Lin Ziming, and at the same time loudly Yelled: “Lin Ziming! You don’t know the sky is high and the earth is thick, today is your death date! Even if your Chinese military gods are here, they can’t save you!”
The other three Innate Realm Great Perfection powerhouses also talked one after another, threatening Lin Ziming back, but there was still no fighting, and they couldn’t lose to Lin Ziming in aura.
Fighting at their level is not as simple as fisting. The confrontation on the spiritual level and the confrontation in terms of momentum must also be taken into consideration.
Regardless of whether they have seven great congenital realm Great Perfection masters, if they lose to Lin Ziming in momentum, it will be very bad for them.
So in any case, they couldn’t lose to Lin Ziming in aura.
Finally it was Romer’s turn, his eyes fixed on Lin Ziming, and he waited for the other six Innate Realm Dzogchen masters to let go of their cruel words before he began to speak.
The corners of his mouth were slightly raised, and a wicked smile was sketched out, and he didn’t even take Lin Ziming’s threat to his heart.

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