A Life Upside Down

Chapter: 1767

They explained it perfectly, what is meant by being quiet if the virgin moves like a rabbit, if you don’t make a move, it will shake the earth and the earth, and the waves will be raging when you make a move.
Over a distance of ten meters, with no effort in the blink of an eye, he had reached behind Lin Ziming and launched the fiercest attack on Lin Ziming.
Because of their sudden troubles, everyone present began to hold their breath, and did not dare to take a breath.
Their offensive was extremely fierce, divided into three directions, and captured Lin Ziming’s three key points. Once they were hit, even if Lin Ziming had half-stepped through the divine realm, he would drink hatred and suffer serious injuries if he did not die. .
In this level of battle, once you are seriously injured, it means failure, and the end of failure is death!
The eyes of the three of them were icy cold, and they also had great confidence. They had been preparing for this trick for a long time, and they had been observing Lin Ziming’s momentum. When they found that Lin Ziming’s momentum appeared to be weak, they immediately Launched an attack. Strive for a move to severely wound Lin Ziming!
However, their abacus is very good, but Lin Ziming is still too underestimated.
Just when their fists were about to hit Lin Ziming’s back, Lin Ziming’s figure suddenly disappeared, and there was also no sign of it. He seemed to appear out of thin air five meters away, like a teleportation.
“Huh!” Levsky immediately let out a cry of surprise. This was originally a mortal blow, but Lin Ziming dodged it so easily? It seems that Lin Ziming’s physical fitness is faster than they expected.
However, as super powers, they have countless fighting experiences in their lives. Although this move did not hit Lin Ziming, there was no plan to disrupt them. Almost instantly, they immediately made battle adjustments and faced Lin Ziming. Launch the second round of attacks.
And this time, not only the three of them attacked Lin Ziming, but the middle view Junichiro, Black Mamba, and another innate realm Great Perfection powerhouse in the other three directions also attacked Lin Ziming.
All of a sudden, Lin Ziming was surrounded by the six great congenital realm Dzogchen masters. The attack was tight and water could not enter. Even if Lin Ziming was a fly, he couldn’t escape from their attack net!
In other words, if Lin Ziming wanted to break through, there was only one way, which was to rush out head-on.
However, this is too difficult, this is not an ordinary congenital realm master, but a congenital great perfection master!
“Not good! Instructor Lin is trapped in their encirclement, the situation is not good now!!!”
In the spectator stand, Peng Zhuo’s face changed drastically, and he shouted out worriedly.
The others were also very nervous. They believed Lin Ziming’s strength very much. After all, Lin Ziming had already reached the half-step divine level, and in terms of strength, he crushed these seven people. But that was based on the condition that Lin Ziming was not surrounded. Now Lin Ziming is surrounded, facing the siege of the six great innate realms Dzogchen masters alone, and there is a strongest Romer around him. Then Lin Ziming’s situation was in danger, after all, Lin Ziming still hadn’t reached the real state of psychic abilities.
“Why instructor Lin was so careless, and took the initiative to run into their encirclement, so that the chances of winning would be greatly reduced!” Li Dao also said anxiously, with cold sweat on his forehead.
Sun Liang clenched his fists and said, “Believe in Instructor Lin. He dares to do this. He must have his ideas!”
“Yes, I believe instructor Lin, instructor Lin can always create miracles for us, believe him.”
It’s too late to say that it’s fast. At this moment, in the ring, Lin Ziming and these six Innate Realm Dzogchen masters have already fought.

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