A Life Upside Down

Chapter: 1769

You know, Lin Ziming is the biggest favorite in the history of the Kung Fu Cup this time, is he defeated now?
And it was so fast, from the beginning to the present, it only took a few minutes.
This made everyone in the audience, whether they were Chinese warriors or foreign warriors, a very unexpected thing.
Everyone will think that this must be a huge prehistoric battle, which can be earth-shattering.
Moreover, Lin Ziming was so self-confident beforehand, and most of it was because Lin Ziming won the championship, but the current result has greatly subverted everyone’s conjecture.
Especially for Chinese martial artists, this is even more unacceptable.
So after a short silence, with one brush, countless Chinese people stood up from their own deeds!
“I’m not mistaken, instructor Lin, he actually… was defeated?”
“Impossible, this is impossible! Instructor Lin is the biggest favorite to win this Kung Fu Cup. He is the strongest. How could he lose?!”
“Anyone can lose. Instructor Lin absolutely can’t lose. He is our last hope for China!”
“Instructor Lin also promised us that he will win! He can’t possibly lose!”
Many people couldn’t calm down at this moment. One by one, they clenched their fists and straightened their necks, unwilling to accept this fact!
But for those foreign warriors, it is a big message.
They have always been in fear because of Lin Ziming’s suppression. They were also overwhelmed by China in terms of aura. After a long time, they wanted a miracle in their bones. The seven great congenital realms, the Great Perfection and the strong, could defeat Lin Ziming!
Although they all know that this possibility is not very great, but now, when they actually see this scene, they are still amazed. After a short period of silence, they burst into flames, and they are all excited. Endless.
“Hahahaha! This Chinese is defeated, he is defeated!!”
“That’s great, so happy! Didn’t he say that he is very powerful, but he couldn’t hold on for a few minutes before he was defeated. This is a naked slap! Hahahaha…”
“I really laughed at me. Seeing him being so arrogant a few days ago, I really thought he could really win the championship. Now it seems that he is just a clown!”
“Isn’t it, especially the faces of these Chinese people are too ridiculous. Fortunately, they were so arrogant before, and they were so arrogant. Now that Lin Ziming has been defeated, I can see if they can laugh.”
“The Chinese are inferior races. They are destined to be crushed by us, and they are like farmers turning over to become the masters? Dreaming!”
“Lin Ziming has condensed the national fortune of China. Now that Lin Ziming is defeated, the China National Games will decline even more. After more than ten years, it is not necessarily that China will regress into a small country. Hahaha, happy, happy what!”
Those foreign warriors who were originally depressed, are now as excited as they have been beaten up.
In particular, they also made a provocative gesture with their thumbs down on the Chinese martial artist next to them, which was arrogant.
Now they are totally hilarious, humiliating the Chinese martial artist without mercy.
In their opinion, Lin Ziming must be defeated, and it is impossible to turn over. The kick of Romer just now definitely hurt Lin Ziming seriously.

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