A Life Upside Down

Chapter: 1771

Lin Ziming stood up like this, and his body made a bang and a sound like frying beans. It sounded like all the joints in his body were rubbing.
His every move involved the gaze of the audience, especially for the many Chinese martial artists, it was even more anxious thing!
Finally, he stood up straight and stretched his waist greatly. Then he raised his head. There was no imaginary pain or injury on his face. Instead, he showed a released smile and said : “Ah, it’s comfortable, my muscles and bones are loose, Rommel, I have to say thank you.”
His performance immediately stunned everyone in the audience. What’s the situation? Hasn’t Lin Ziming been successfully attacked by Romer and seriously injured? How come it looks like there is nothing at all.
Not only is there nothing to do, but on the contrary, it looks like you are enjoying it? It feels like being massaged? Damn it.
Romer was the first to react. His pupils contracted and he couldn’t help but yelled, “This is impossible!!”
This is the first time he has been so gaffe since he participated in the Kung Fu Cup.
Isn’t it right? He knows the weight of the kick just now. Let alone a person, even a tank was kicked and exploded by him. However, Lin Ziming gave him a kick alive, and nothing happened. No? This is totally unscientific!
The one who can withstand his full kick without getting hurt is only a powerhouse at the level of the gods can do it…
Could it be said that Lin Ziming has already broken through to the realm of Communism?
No, this is impossible!
Romer shook his head quickly, couldn’t believe this thing was true!
Romer knows how difficult it is to pass through the Divine Realm. He is considered a genius among geniuses, but he has been stuck in the Dzogchen Realm for a long time, and how old is Lin Ziming? How could it be so easy? The earth has reached the realm of Tongshen.
Not just him, but the other six other Innate Realm Great Perfection masters, now they are all dumbfounded, looking at Lin Ziming incredulously.
Especially when they saw Lin Ziming’s smile, there was no injury at all on his body. This kind of thing beyond their logic made them feel scalp numb, fear and fear from the bottom of their hearts! !
After the audience was silent for a while.
Soon, there was a wave of cheers.
“Hahahaha! Great, instructor Lin has nothing to do, instructor Lin has nothing to do!!”
“Let me just say, instructor Lin is the most powerful, how could he be defeated so easily!”
“Looking at what instructor Lin looks like now, there is nothing at all, too strong, instructor Lin really does not disappoint us!”
“Instructor Lin, come on!”
“Long live instructor Lin!!”
All the Chinese martial artists in the audience were rekindled by Lin Ziming at this moment, and they were too excited.
As for those arrogant foreign warriors, their smiles were stiff on their faces now, and they were speechless. They didn’t even think that Lin Ziming had just suffered such a heavy kick from Romer, and there was nothing wrong with him? Is Lin Ziming a man or a ghost?

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