A Life Upside Down

Chapter: 1772

Many senior Chinese officials in the spectator stand also breathed a sigh of relief. Even Shangguan Wei An wiped a cold sweat, and said with relief: “Instructor Lin has nothing to do, but I was scared to death.”
Shangguan Diyi also said: “I’ll just say, instructor Lin is not like a swollen person, and he has no certainty. How could he be in the ring.”
Shangguan Wei An then said to Tsolang, “Mr. Tsolang, what did you just say?”
Tsolang snorted, facing Shangguan’s stalwart irony, he could only pretend that he hadn’t heard it, and did not respond.
Little Martial God’s pupils contracted, his eyes were deep, and he looked closely at Lin Ziming on the ring. He discovered Lin Ziming’s aura, and he continued to improve. There was no injury at all. He also wanted to understand. Just now Lin Ziming underwent The wind is nothing more than his own director.
In other words, Lin Ziming simply didn’t put these seven Innate Realm Great Perfection masters in his eyes, and his little Martial God, in front of Lin Ziming, was completely inadequate, and was no longer on the same level.
Thinking of this, he also sighed, rather bleak, and said: “The waves behind the Yangtze River push the waves forward. Now it is the world of young people.”
Hearing his words, Peng Zhuo, Li Dao and others nodded their heads, agreeing with Xiao Wushen’s statement that it is indeed the world of young people like Lin Ziming.
At the same time, in the arena, Lin Ziming stood up straight, and began to walk towards Romer and the others actively, while talking eloquently, “Is this the strength of your unity? That really disappointed me. ”
Hearing Lin Ziming’s words, the expressions of the seven of them were extremely ugly. Faced with Lin Ziming’s arrival, they even began to fear and panic.
That kind of feeling, it was not that they surrounded Lin Ziming, but Lin Ziming surrounded them, making them take a step back uncontrollably, and they had already lost a lot of momentum.
When Lin Ziming saw their reaction, he immediately spoke out disdainfully, “You dare to fight for the championship with me? It’s just a matter of life and death.”
Facing Lin Ziming’s approaching step by step, although they had already begun to have fears, this did not mean that they were about to shrink back.
After all, this is not a discussion between private individuals, but a battle for national dignity! What they represent is not their individual, but more of the country behind them. If they retreat, it will have some impact on the national fortune of their country.
So they can only advance, not retreat.
They glanced at each other, and within a short period of time, they exchanged their eyes, and then renewed their fighting spirit, no matter what, they had to take Lin Ziming down.
“Lin Ziming, you are already injured and still carrying it hard, do you think we can’t tell?” Zhongjing Junichiro snorted and said disdainfully.
At the same time, they started to move again to surround Lin Ziming again, and they were constantly gaining momentum, and they wanted to use the same trick to defeat Lin Ziming again!
They didn’t believe that Lin Ziming was really not bad for King Kong.
After their eye contact, they stopped being verbose, they shot directly, and once again launched a fierce offensive against Lin Ziming!
The battle started again, and this time even Romer didn’t have any idle time, but attacked Lin Ziming together, because he had also seen that Lin Ziming’s strength was indeed terrifying. Moreover, his sneak attack just now did not cause too much damage to Lin Ziming. Now he must go all out to truly defeat Lin Ziming!
This time, facing their siege, Lin Ziming raised the corners of his mouth, showing a smile, and said, “Seven of you, don’t even try to escape today.”
When the voice fell, his eyes widened suddenly, and the aura of his whole body exuded at this moment, like a solar storm, which can burn the whole audience, especially for these seven masters, which has a greater impact.
Moreover, Lin Ziming was not passive again this time, but began to take the initiative! !

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