A Life Upside Down

Chapter: 1773

At first glance, Lin Ziming is just a person, surrounded by seven masters. The situation is precarious, but in terms of aura, it has a different feeling.
More like, Lin Ziming surrounded them.
Lin Ziming’s aura radiated far surpassed all of them, and his figure, in everyone’s eyes, was constantly being enlarged.
Turned into a demon king, and Zhongjing Junichiro Romer and others, who were seven ants, wanted to challenge the demon king, and the final result was crushed!
It was too late and it was fast. At this moment, Lin Ziming was already fighting against them.
Bang bang bang bang…
As soon as they played against each other, there was a constant sonic boom, as if even the air could not withstand their attacks, and they were directly blown up.
Moreover, that kind of fist to the flesh sound, you can feel the blood spurting, and the blood is extremely hot! ! !
This time, Lin Ziming opened up and closed, his speed is fast to the extreme, and at the same time, the moves are the most sophisticated in the world. Even the most advanced artificial intelligence in the world can’t calculate the subtlety of his current moves.
Therefore, it is calculated that he is facing the siege of seven big masters, double-fighting the opponent with 14 hands, is also very easy to do, and also constantly suppresses the opponent, taking the advantage.
Their movements have even exceeded the speed of sound.
So the result is that the sound transmitted can’t keep up with their movements, often because they have already made ten punches, and the audience on the field can only hear the sound of the first punch.
This does not have much impact on ordinary viewers.
But for experts like Peng Zhuo and Li Dao, it was another experience.
They were completely dumbfounded and swallowed heavily.
“Oh my God! I’m not mistaken, their speed has completely exceeded the speed of sound! Is this really the speed that humans can reach?”
“Not only that, but their power is too great, even the ring made of stainless steel is beginning to be pitted! Horror, too horrible…”
The Little Martial God sighed, sighed, and said, “A man should be like Ziming!”
Hearing what he said, he also got the approval of many people, yes, which man doesn’t want to be Lin Ziming? This is the correct way for men to open.
For Shangguan Shuyao, she held up her head, her face was full of pride. This is the man she likes, and naturally the best!
With a bang.
At this moment, Lin Ziming punched out, directly hitting the innate realm Dzogchen on the right. The weight of the fist directly knocked the opponent out.
Accompanied by Lin Ziming’s very flat voice, “This is the first one.”
Soon, the audience on the field saw a tall figure flying out of the ring, flew directly out of tens of meters, and fell heavily to the ground.
And when he fell, his neck was already crooked, and his seven orifices were bleeding, his appearance was very sad.

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