A Life Upside Down

Chapter: 1776

Even Adam, a master of the Shentong Realm of the Beautiful Country, now squinted his eyes and looked directly at Lin Ziming, his eyes full of coldness and hostility, and even a little jealous…
No, just fear!
Logically speaking, he is a master at the God Realm, and Lin Ziming is only a half-step God Realm at best, which poses no threat to Adam.
However, Lin Ziming is really too young. He has reached this level when he is only thirty years old. This martial arts talent is unheard of and unseen even for Adam who has lived for half a hundred.
It is conceivable that once Lin Ziming reaches the God-Throughout Realm, then it must be a powerful pair for him!
Even at that moment, he had the idea of ​​assassinating Lin Ziming.
In terms of his methods, now that a hidden weapon is used to assassinate Lin Ziming, the success rate is still very high!
Moreover, he is a master of the gods, even if he is discovered, what about it? The big deal is that he fled straight back to the beautiful country, and all people in the country have no way to deal with him!
Even the military gods of Hua Guo couldn’t stop him.
Although this kind of behavior is shameless to him, such a strong man with the power of the gods, but what if he is shameless if he succeeds or loses?
Within a short second, countless thoughts came into his mind, and finally he made a decision that he still had to deal with Lin Ziming.
So in an instant, a few small balls made of stainless steel appeared on his fingers, pinched on his nails, and Lin Ziming would definitely not be able to escape from this distance and corner.
However, just when he was about to make a move.
Suddenly, he felt a powerful aura, pressing on him, making him startled in an instant, and his whole body trembled uncontrollably.
Immediately, he looked in that direction. Immediately, he saw an old Chinese face with a peaked cap. Just then, the other person looked at him with cold eyes.
Obviously, he was warning him, once he dared to make a move, then death was waiting for him.
Adam and the Chinese old man looked at each other, and immediately, his face became even more pale, and he swallowed. The murderous intent that had been surging against Lin Ziming in his mind, at this time, also disappeared completely. net.
In turn, there was deep horror and fear.
This old man is a strong man in the realm of God, and his aura is far above him! !
This is an absolute powerhouse, even in the realm of Communicating God, he is one of the best.
It’s just that the eyes clashes just now, Adam suffered a dark loss. He knew that if the other party really shot him, then he was definitely not an opponent.
However, what he didn’t want to understand was, when did China add another powerhouse of the realm of power?
The old man just now had never seen it before, and he hadn’t even seen it before!
He knows that there are two masters in the gods of China, one is Huangpu Dao, the military god of China, and the guardian of China. He has met and even fought against Huangpu Dao.
Another master of the God Realm is the mysterious Saint King Luo Tian, ​​but Saint King Luo Tian, ​​strictly speaking, does not belong to the Chinese nation. Therefore, there is no threat to the beautiful country.
But who is the old man in front of him?
Actually still have a lot of relationship with Lin Ziming? Could it be that he is the man behind Lin Ziming? !
At this time, there was a storm in Adam’s mind.

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